Upgrade Lighting Fixtures to Help Sell Your House

Upgrade Lighting Fixtures to Help Sell Your House

In today's real estate market, selling a home can sometimes prove to be quite difficult. Did you know by choosing to upgrade lighting fixtures to help sell your house actually does work? Aside from adding a new paint job, freshening up your landscaping or upgrading your bathrooms or kitchens, up-to-date lighting fixtures are extremely important to home buyers. Below are some areas of where you can apply a simple upgrade in lighting to your home to help it sell quickly.

Add additional lighting fixtures

Many homes are under-lit and when a realtor is trying to show your house, you want it to be warm, bright and inviting. A house that does not have enough illumination gives a prospective buyer the thought that the house is unkept and not taken care of. You can start with adding much needed light in high traffic areas such as foyers, dining rooms, living areas and kitchens. Add some recessed lighting to these areas, they are the most unobtrusive lighting solution available that will allow you to match the aesthetics of the home. Choose a color temperature that will match what is being emitted by your current lighting, this will let the buyer know that you take pride in your home being adequately illuminated.

Replace your outdoor lighting fixtures

Making sure that your outdoor lighting fixtures are updated is one of the most important things to consider when upgrading lighting in your home. When a prospective buyer is considering setting up an appointment to see your home, the exterior is the first thing they see. So if your exterior lighting fixtures are old and aged, this is a major turn-off. Many homeowners think want to go with brighter color temperatures since they believe buyers want to see more light output. However, this could be a major consequence that could actually turn buyers away. Many want to have their new home to feel warm and inviting. So cooler color temperatures should not be used. Go with fixtures that coordinate with your home. For instance, if your home has brown shutters, you would want to go with a dark brown or bronze finish for your exterior fixtures.

Install some landscape lighting

Homeowners know that curb-appeal is a very important factor in attracting new home buyers. Many believe that if you simply spruce-up the exiting landscaping will make a major difference. However, you can go a little bit further and add some landscape lighting to highlight your homes exterior shrubs, trees and walkways. This will show a new buyer that you as the current homeowner take great pride in how your home looks. It also provides them with a sense of safety and security knowing that their new home will have more than adequate exterior lighting.

Bring attention to your home's important features

Adding some accent lighting to areas that have fireplaces, built-in shelves and other major display features is a great bonus to a prospective home buyer. This can help push a buyer over-the-edge if their on the fence on their decision to buy your home.

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