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Temporary Lighting

LED Temporary Construction Lighting

Temporary lighting is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications where maximum illumination is needed for a limited amount of time. These temporary lights are great for job sites, construction sites and renovation areas that require the light to be portable and easy to be moved around frequently.

With a compact size that is impact and shock resistant, makes these LED temporary work lights durable for any indoor or outdoor work environment. These temporary fixtures are built with sturdy frames and cages to protect the light source. They also have the latest LED technology integrated, giving you thousands of hours of continuous burn time. Easily mount with the handle bracket, and link multiple lights together to help avoid wire clutter. They're a great option for construction sites or for contractors to keep on hand as they move from job to job.

We carry a range of different options when it comes to temporary construction lights. With various wattage options available that range from 60 watts to 150 watts, and voltages ranging from 120 to 277, we're confident you'll find a lighting solution that helps you get the job done. LED temporary lighting requires no warm-up time, unlike metal halide and fluorescent options. They are also UL listed for use in either damp or wet locations.

Temporary Lighting FAQs

Temporary lighting is a type of lights that incorporate a cord and plug, which allows them to be moved from one area to another without having to hardwire them to the existing power supply. Typically, these fixtures incorporate a carabiner or hook so they can be hung from an overhead area to illuminate the area beneath them.

Typically, there are three types of temporary lighting that are commonly used. These include flood lights, high bay lights, and string lights. Each type usually has a designated IP (ingress protection rating), which designates what conditions they can be exposed to. Below are the levels of protection each IP rating offers:

• IP65 - protection against dust and water projected by a nozzle
• IP66 - protection against dust and water projected by a jet
• IP67 - protection against dust and when the enclosure is immersed in water (for specified time and pressure)

For temporary lighting to meets OSHSA regulations it the lamps need to be equipped with guards unless they are deeply recessed. However, this is only for above ground construction and does not meet the OSHA requirements for underground heavy construction.

Typically, when it comes to temporary highbay lights you do not have to feed power to them. Instead, they have a pre-installed cord with plug that can be plugged into a standard outlet for power.

There are several options available if your looking to add temporary garage lightin. If your garage has a high ceiling, high bay temporary LED work lights will help to add bright , uniform illumination to the entire area. For other garage types, LED temporary string lights can be used for general and adequate illumination.

To make temporary construction lights you need three parts, an extension cord with a male plug and female receptacle end, plug-in socket adapter, and light bulb. You simply attach the socket adapter to the female in of the extension cord, screw in the bulb, and then plug the extension cord into a nearby outlet.

Most temporary pendant lighting comes with a pre-installed carabiner clip or hook, which allows you to hang the fixture overhead in the location you'll be working in.

The two most common applications where temporary lighting solutions are frequently use are automotive garages and construction sites due to their portable design and rugged construction. These areas typically are exposed to rough conditions and equipment pieces, so the lighting fixture being used needs to be able to withstand all these variables.

Typically, there is no-rewiring needed when it comes to installing temporary lighting. Most of these fixtures have a cord with a plug that can be plugged into an existing outlet where they will be in operation.

When it comes to LED temporary lighting, there are several benefits it provides. The most important the omni-directional light output with reduced glare it delivers, which will help to create safer work conditions. It also provides a higher-lumen output than traditional temporary lighting options, while retaining the strong, durable, lightweight construction that is needed for job sites.