Vapor Tight Fixtures


    Stars and Stripes Lighting's collection of LED vapor tight fixtures are perfect for illuminating areas with harsh conditions. Our vapor tight fixtures are IP67 rated which guarantees protection from dust and high pressure washdowns, IK10 rated that guarantees protection against mechanical wear and tear, and their housings along with hardware are corrosion resistant to moisture and chemcials. Replacing fluorescent vapor tight light fixtures with LEDs will eliminate malfunctioning due to moisture, corrosion and light discoloration, and reduce energy and regular maintenance costs. Stars and Stripes Lighting's LED vapor tight fixtures are ideal for car washes, parking garages, commercial kitchens, and more.

    About Vapor Tight Fixtures

    LED vapor tight fixtures are specifically designed to protect against harsh elements as well as provide powerful lighting, while saving you on energy costs. These fixtures are suitable for keeping out moisture and vapor from entering the fixture. Some of the features these vapor tights have are reinforced fiberglass housings and high impact diffusers.

    With the evolution of LED technology, these vapor tight fixtures come available in a color temperature range of 3000K-5000K and make excellent replacements for less-efficient fluorescent strip lights commonly found in interior and exterior locations such as food service areas, tunnels, airports, car wash operations, parking garages, stairwells, and maintenance areas. Vapor-proof LED lighting fixtures can be mounted in several different ways including surface or chain mounted, and are offered in 2, 4, and 8-foot lengths with wattages ranging from 20-100 watts. Many even are 0-10V dimmable as well.

    Our vapor tight LED lights have IP67 or IK10 standard ratings, which enables them to handle a variety of environments. An IP67 rating is one of the highest levels of protection offered. This rating provides complete protection against ingress of dust and airborne particles. It also protects against water and liquids, up to and including immersion in up to one meter of water. The IK10 rating means that the fixture is protected against 20 joules of impact, which is equivalent to impact of 5 kg mass dropped from 400 mm above impacted surface.


    Vapor tight fixtures are designed with a sealed, gasketed and impact resistant polycarbonate lens that helps to protect the LEDs from harmful elements such as dirt, dust and moisture.

    There are two types of vapor tight fixtures available that use LED technology as their light source, LED ready and integrated LED. LED ready vapor tight fixtures use LED tubes, whereas integrated LED vapor tight fixtures use LED arrays.

    The durable construction of vapor tight fixtures allows them to withstand rugged applications such as car washes, parking garages, stairwells and other commercial or industrial settings where conventional lighting fixtures would fail due to the environmental conditions.

    Here are some of the benefits provided by LED vapor tight fixtures:

    • Corrosion resistant hardware ensures long term durability, meaning it can stand up to moisture and chemicals
    • IP67 rating guarantees protection from dust, high pressure washdowns and even total submersion in water for up to 30 minutes
    • IK10 rating (measured on a scale of 1-10) guarantees protection against mechanical wear and tear, including direct impacts to the fixture
    • DLC Premium listed, which may qualify of rebate incentives
    • Delivers up to 130 lumens per watt, providing optimal light while using minimal energy
    • Rated for up to 50,000 hours and backed by a 5-year warranty


    Here at Stars and Stripes Lighting, we pride ourselves on helping our customers find the best and most appropriate vapor tight fixtures that will best suit their needs. If your still unsure on which or how many vapor tight light fixtures you need for your application, let one of our lighting specialists help you today. We can provide you with additional information, so you'll get the best vapor tight lighting for your application. If you have additional questions about vapor tight fixtures feel free to reach out to one of our lighting experts, we're here to help.