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Outdoor Hanging Lights

Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

Illuminate your pathways, entryways and sidewalks with our elegant selection of outdoor hanging lights. These lighting fixtures will help create a beautiful ambiance while helping to increase curb appeal at night. Regardless of the layout of your home's exterior, we offer a nice collection of outdoor hanging lanterns that come in a vast assortment of finishes and styles. Whether your looking to add light to a doorway, or have an outdoor living space that requires a touch of brightness for grilling or dining at night, our selection of lighting fixtures will provide you with exactly what you need.

When you start searching for hanging outdoor lighting, you'll find a variety of opportunities in terms of colors as well as different glass options. Before you purchase a new light or family of lights, take into account the available space and what the UL listing is, since some lights are only suitable for dry locations, while others work in either a damp or wet location. Depending on how much illumination your space will need, there are outdoor hanging lights at Stars and Stripes Lighting that include a single light as well as options with multiple lights. Some hanging lights for the exterior even include special features such as LED dimmable, motion sensors, dusk to dawn functionality, and much more.

Stars and Stripes Lighting is your destination for outdoor hanging lights in the looks you love. Whether you're in the market for the latest trends, or wanting more of a classic style, Stars and Stripes Lighting's selection of amazing outdoor hanging lights makes it easy to find the perfect solution at the best price.

Outdoor Hanging Lights FAQs

As the name implies, outdoor hanging lights are lighting fixtures that are suspended from outdoor ceilings using a cable, chain or metal rods. These fixtures typically have one or more bulbs and are used for ambient lighting.

There are several different types of outdoor hanging lights that are available. Here are some examples:

• Outdoor Chandeliers - designed with a wide range of styles, outdoor chandeliers help add warmth and comfort to a covered patio or porch

• Outdoor Hanging Lanterns - design to add beautiful ambiance while also providing adequate lighting, outdoor hanging lanterns help entryways and patios create a great first impression for guests and neighbors

• Outdoor Pendant Lights - designed to create a more inviting and lively outdoor atmosphere, outdoor pendant lights will instantly beautify a front porch, back deck, veranda or gazebo

Outdoor hanging lights are suitable for use in covered decks, patios, and entryways.