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Exit / Emergency Lighting

Ensure your employees and customers are safe at all times with exit emergency lighting. Regardless of whether you work in a factory, school, or retail store, exit signs are essential in keeping everyone safe. Implementing these products, just like you would automatic sprinkler systems and accessibility features, are just another intelligent step that needs to be taken to prevent accidents and injuries.

We offer high-quality LED exit signs and emergency lighting. You can choose from traditional thermoplastic exit signs, or try more modern edge-lit options. We have several options that will help you find the perfect solution for your needs. You'll find an option that meets your specifications for wattage, lamps, voltage, battery life, housing, dimensions, and more. If you plan on installing exit and emergency lighting in a tough environment, guards are also available to cover your fixtures and keep them well protected for extra reliability.

Most commercial building locations have indoor sprinklers that would activate in the event of a fire. When activated the sprinklers would damage your exit signs. However, if you were to have a wet listed option installed, they would be protected against sprinkler system damage. No matter what the type of environment is, wet listed exit and emergency lighting continues to operate, even in areas constantly exposed to moisture.

Every public area needs security lighting in place to keep everyone safe. Our selection of LED exit sign and emergency lighting is the perfect solution to add to any space that requires heightened safety. All of our energy-efficient exit signs quickly signal where the nearest exits are located in case of emergencies. Since these products are integrated with LED technology, they are the most reliable option that will function consistently.

These fixtures will continue to operate for tens of thousands of hours, so you will not have to worry about having to constantly maintain them. Each LED exit sign features a compact lighting installation that operates on a fully automatic level. Our collection of products have a variety of special features that include low profile design, humidity resistance, and minimal energy consumption, with back, side, or top mounting options. When you shop with us you'll find single and double-faced LED exit signs along with accessories like rechargeable lights and metal guards.

What is Exit and Emergency Lighting?

Exit and emergency lighting is used in public or business applications to provide adequate illumination to direct people to the nearest exit in the event of an emergency. Typically, exit lights are installed above doorways, while emergency lights are installed based on the layout of the space to provide illumination in the event of a power outage. Here are some examples of what exit and emergency lighting looks like:

Where is Exit and Emergency Lighting used?

Exit and emergency lights can be used in just about any application. In fact, its required to be installed within any public space located in the United States. Some of these areas include retail stores, offices, government buildings, gymnasiums and schools. Here are some examples of where exit and emergency lighting is commonly used:

What are the different types of Exit and Emergency Lighting?

There are several different types of exit and emergency lighting available, with each types serving a special purpose. For example, exit signs can be single or double face, and some models can even be rated for use in wet location environments. While emergency lights can have multiple head configurations.

What are the benefits of LED Exit and Emergency Lighting?

There are many benefits you'll get with LED exit and emergency lighting. Unlike comparable halogen options, LED does not generate as much heat and they are significantly more efficient, while having a much longer useful life.