Exit / Emergency Lighting

Exit signs and emergency fixtures are essential in keeping your commercial or industrial building areas safe and secure at all times. Exit signs are available in thermoplastic, polycarbonate, and die-cast aluminum housings. Browse our selection of LED exit signs, emergency lights, and combo units.

Exit Signs

Exit signs are a necessity for overall building safety and security. They are constructed of durable materials that including, polycarbonate, thermoplastic, and die-cast aluminum. They exit signs feature a pre-installed emergency battery backup to ensure they remain lit up during emergencies or power failure. The bright red and green face letters can be easily spotted in the dark or under smokey conditions.

Emergency Lights

Emergency lights with battery backup deliver much needed lighting during the event of power outages or emergencies. Select from sing lamp head or double lamp head emergency lights that are fully adjustable. LED emergency fixtures help to provide bright lighting in hallways, stairways, and building exits during power failure or an emergency.

Exit Signs with Emergency Lights

Exit signs with emergency lights combine LED exit signs and LED emergency lights into an all-in-one exit sign emergency light combo fixture, which provides maximum safety and security during emergencies. The LED emergency lights are available in two forms, fully adjustable lamp heads or a single integrated LED lightbar.