Step Lights

Step lights are a great way to add accent lighting to steps. They also improve safety for stairs, cutting-down on the possibility of tripping in dark un-lit areas. Ample illumination is an important aspect of any stairwell. In areas where safety concerns exist, lighting becomes even more important in both residential and commercial applications. Our selection of step lights will help eliminate safety concerns by ensure proper visibility in this hard to light area. Stairs are an important area to have proper illumination, since a lack of lighting can lead to unnecessary accidents.

LED step lights offer a longer lifespan along with improved color rendering. They are also made to be durable with strong aluminum housings with baked-on protective enamels and impact resistant lenses. They are also backed by lengthy manufacturer warranties to help further ensure longevity and performance. There are two types of installation options for LED step lights, recessed and surface mount. In stair applications, the most common choice for installation is recessed. We have different finishes and design available that will help accommodate any décor. Most of our LED step lights are rated to last up-to 50,000 rated hours, which make them virtually maintenance-free.