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LED CFL Retrofit Lamps

LED CFL Retrofit Lamps: Direct Wire and Ballast Compatible

Plug-In LED Lamps are more energy efficient and last longe than the fluorescent lamps than they replace, helping you save money on energy and replacement material costs. LED CFL Retrofit Lamps can handle changes in temperature much better than traditional fluorescents. We have a large selection of LED PL replacement lamps that include direct wire, ballast compatible and hybrid models. Plug-and-play models work with ballast that are listed as compatible and are a quick upgrade option to LED. Direct wire lamps simple operate by bypassing the ballast and run directly off of line voltage with the integration of internal drivers. Hybrid options give you the best of both worlds, they can be a ballast compatible option or run off line voltage as well. There are several different options if color temperatures that are available that include 2700K warm white, 3000K soft white, 3500K neutral white and 4000K cool white. Start saving money on energy and maintenance today by upgrading to LED.