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Commercial Lighting

LED Commercial Lighting and Fixture Specialists

Choosing the right fixtures to illuminate your commercial lighting space is extremely important. Properly illuminating an areas has so many benefits, the most important is worker safety and productivity. We carry a variety of different lighting products that will help accommodate the requirements of a multitude of commercial areas. Lighting has a huge impact on work performance as well, so when it comes time to decide on which lighting you need for your commercial space, it's important to make sure you're purchasing the right type for the business you have. If you are unsure on which type of fixture will best suit your space, contact Stars and Stripes Lighting, and one of our lighting experts will be there to help you put together a layout that will optimize your workplace's lighting capabilities and fit within your budget. We an abundant selection of fixtures from flat panels and high bays, to exit signs and vapor tight fixtures, Stars and Stripes Lighting has an extensive inventory of commercial lighting fixtures.

LED High Bay fixtures are great for manufacturing plants, warehouses, gymnasiums and other applications that have high ceilings. We have a large selection that have up-to 55,000 lumens and lifespans that exceed 100,000 hours. Our LED Flat Panels and Troffers are great for office and retail store applications. LED Flat Panels have a sleek, thin design that will provide smooth and even light output. LED Troffers help to improve the quality of light and reduce energy consumption over 50% compared to traditional fluorescent fixtures. With warranties up-to 7 years and lifespans exceeding 60,000 hours, make they virtually maintenance-free. If you're in search of light fixtures for harsh environments, Stars and Stripes Lighting carries Vapor Tight High Bays, Strip Fixtures, and commercial lights. These fixtures feature an air-tight seal with a sturdy housing and impact resistant lenses. Vapor tight fixtures are ideal for car washes, warehouses, stairwells, and more because of their dust, air, and moisture tight seals. Increase the productivity, safety, and security of your building with LED lighting from Stars and Stripes Lighting.

Shop Lights

For applications like workshops, carpentry, utility rooms and auto garages, LED strip shop lights are a great choice. They come in either 4000K (cool white) or 5000K (daylight) color temperatures. Upgrading to LED is a must since they are more efficient and last much longer than traditional strip fixtures. These fixtures can be mounted directly to a ceiling or suspended to get precision light output where you need it most. We have 4 foot and 8 foot sizes available that will help to accommodate virtually every application.