About Outdoor Security Lights

Outdoor security lights provide will provide you with a wear-resistant, reliable lighting solution for any exterior application. Our outdoor security lights typically come with one, two, or three heads, in both traditional and flood designs, and provide a 180-degree outward pattern and full 360-degree pattern beneath.

The are many benefits to using outdoor security lights on the outside of your home or business. Not only are they designed to provide a widespread amount of light coverage to an area that is fully customizable, they also give you the convenience of automatically turning on and off. This will help to provide extra protection to an area, keeping the exterior of your home or business safe at night. They also provide instant illumination whenever someone walks through the area, which ensures they will have the visibility they need to safely navigate their way through. Outdoor LED security lighting is also effective in pointing the way toward exits and other important locations.

All of our outdoor security light fixtures are designed to last for years without failure. Not only are they reliable, they are able to provide powerful lighting over greater distances than fluorescent and incandescent options, while being more efficient and using less energy.

Outdoor Security Lights FAQs

Outdoor security lights are outdoor fixtures used in commercial and residential applications that illuminate areas during the evening hours. These fixtures are designed to provide a wide distribution of light and are essential for safety and security.

Outdoor security lights have certain features and characteristics that are essential to their primary function. One of them is a motion sensor which automatically turns the light on or off depending on the presence of movement. Another is a photo-sensor that turns the light on or off depending on the presence of sunlight.

Many outdoor security lights give you the options of having multiple light heads (usually 2 or 3), which allows for the light beams to be pointed in different directions. These heads are also adjustable so that the direction of the beam can be customized depending on the requirements of the area.

Since outdoor security lighting is typically used outdoors, it needs to be damp or wet rated.

Outdoor security lights are suitable for use anywhere that needs deterrence from break-ins, or for the safety of residents or employees. Some of the most common applications include homes, alleys, businesses, government facilities and construction areas.

LED outdoor security lights offer a variety of unique benefits. These fixtures do not flicker or need time to warm up, instead they are instant-on when powered up. The light output they produce is also uniform and doesn't degrade over time. Compared to fluorescent and incandescent lights, LED lights have a very long life and are more efficient, which is crucial due to the fact that they are operating for very long periods of time and being used everyday.