Landscape Lighting

Make your yard's appearance stand out with our wide selection of outdoor landscape lighting at Stars and Stripes Lighting. Choose from our wide range of path and garden lighting, flood lights, well lights, step lighting and bollard lights. Landscape lighting can enhance your home's important architectural features and draw attention to the surrounding trees and plants. Most landscape lighting comes in low voltage, making it safe to work wife and easier to install. Having the proper outdoor lighting installed can help make your landscaping exquisite and attractive. It also can help enhance the safety and security of your home. Landscape lighting allows homeowners to enjoy their backyard well into the night hours.

Path and Garden Lights

If you spend a great deal of time triming and maintaining your garden, you definitely want to highlight your landscape foliage with path and garden lighting. Select from lights that come in 35- or 50-watts, with an input voltage of 12 VAC. Our path lights come with a rugged aluminum housing that is an affordable but durable solution. The multiple hat styles available direct light downward so that they'll blend with your landscape. The lights are shielded from insects, sprinklers and inclement weather. Multiple finishes are available, with modern, traditional, straight, dome and mushroom hat styles.

Flood Lights

If you're in search of a fixture to highlight seasonal decorations or wanting to illuminate a specific feature of your property year-round, our selection of flood lights available at Stars and Stripes Lighting can help you complete this task with UL listed, wet location flood lights that are non-conducive and corrosion-proof. Our flood lights come in wattage options that range from 5 watts to 50 watts. Illuminate your property in high-intensity, brilliant warm light. LED driveway flood lights have lamps that are designed for extended use for long periods of time. Stars and Stripes Lighting has flood lights in several styles including contemporary bullets, modern bullets, straight bullets and standard.

Well Lights

We all know that recessed lighting fixtures look great in your bathroom, kitchen and den. The well lights we have available at Stars and Stripes Lighting, will had give the appearance of your property's outdoors a striking appearance, showcasing the areas you take so much pride in. Outdoor in-ground lights and well lights are unobtrusive and virtually undectectable compared to other landscape lighting above ground. Recessed well lights are less flexible and more permanence in positioning, make them best suited for accenting facades, sculptures and architectural features. Their proper placement is away from foliage and large trees, installed in soft landscaping or in a sidewalk. Our well lights come with an adjustable lamp that allows you to direct light onto your home. Well lights are used for in-ground lawn applications and for up-lighting columns, trees and architetural features where above-ground fixtures would stick out. If you're a homeowner with water on your property, you can submerge black and brass waterproof underwater lights in your pond, pool or fountains. Outdoor recessed lighting will give you the proper illumination you're looking for when throwing parties or during evening barbeques.

Step Lighting

Take the step toward improving the appreance of your yard with our wide variety of step lighting available at Stars and Stripes Lighting. We carry indoor and outdoor designs for staircases as part of our inventory, whether your task is illumination of residential stairs or commercial staircases for a business. Our energy-efficient LED step lights provide up to 50,000 hours of lamp life before they may need to be replaced. Select from subtle 5-watt step lighting, brighter 25-watt lamps or from several wattage options in between. We also have an array of color tone options, with soft white, neutral white, cool white and daylight lights in stock.

Bollard Lights

Landscape bollard lights provide a contemporary outdoor lighting solution for your property. They are designed to blend in with existing outdoor foliage to make your landscape truly stand-out. We carry wattages ranging from 5W to 40W, with plenty of styles to accommodate small, medium-sized or large yards. Landscape bollards are also great for enhancing the look of commercial landscaping and path lighting, while providing a boost in security and safety with properly illuminated walkways. We also carry a wide selection of LED lamps that are for bollard lights that help reduce your utility bills while making your landscape pop. These LED lamps provide as much as 50,000 hours of continuous. With input voltages of 120V-240V and 120-277 VAC available, they also come in different color temperatures of 3000K, 4000K and 5000K representing three seperate color tones. Backed by a manufacturer's warranty of five years, these UL-approved wet location bollard lights will enhance the look of your property, while keeping it safe and secure at the same time.