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Stars and Stripes Lighting is distributor of energy efficient lighting products and is based out of Austin, TX. Since the company was initially formed, Stars and Stripes Lighting has quickly became a recognized name in the lighting industry. With a service area that includes commercial and residential customers nationwide. 

We're dedicated to constantly updating our online platform to provide customers with the most innovative and technology advanced lighting products the industry has to offer. We focus not only providing superior service to our customers but giving them up to date information on energy rebate incentives that are currently available in their area. Whether you're looking to start a new job or just a renovation project, start the process by requesting a lighting layout or quote. Our team will assemble the ideal plan, starting with the appropriate fixtures that you'll need for your building. Having the correct lighting installed is a very important factor for any type of business environment, so let one of our lighting specialists help you get started. We are here to help you find the products that your indoor or outdoor space will require. 

Across the country, energy companies are offering energy rebate incentives to businesses to upgrade their existing lighting to more efficient LED. Whether you are considering just retrofitting your current fixtures or replacing the fixture all together, Stars and Stripes Lighting has the fixtures you'll need. So, you'll be sure to find exactly what your looking for to meet your project's lighting needs.

Stars and Stripes Lighting has been able to supply contractors, homeowners, state government entities, restaurants, hospitals and hotels with their lighting needs across the country.