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Based in Austin, TX, Stars and Stripes Lighting is focused on proving the most innovative and technologically advanced energy efficient lighting products that exists. With so many different choices and options on the market, it can get confusing on the type of light you need to install in your application. We want to make sure that you receive the most energy efficient product for your space and it is fully illuminated beyond your expectations. There are so many local and federal incentives available to swap-out inefficient fixtures with more efficient LED models that customers are unaware of. Our knowledgeable staff can help provide you with all of necessary details and which product fit the criteria to receive incentives from participating entities. We are authorized distributors for popular brands such as American Lighting, Elco Lighting, Green Creative, Litetronics, Lotus LED Lights, TechBrite and many more. Our commercial lighting catalog includes a large selection of LED high bays, LED flat panels, LED troffers, LED retrofit kits, LED vapor tight fixtures, LED shop lights and more. Choosing the right lighting fixtures for your commercial building application is extremely important. Our customer service specialists can help you with choosing the right product and even help you with the proper lighting layout your space needs.

Installing LED High Bays are a great choice for illuminating warehouses, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums and other commercial building applications that have high ceilings. They come in several different models. LED T8 tube high bays are designed to operate direct wire or hybrid T8 LED lamps. These are great economical choice for LED high bay lighting since you have to simply just replace the LED lamps when they eventually fail. We also offer a wide variety of LED round high bays (which have the classic look of traditional models) and Linear LED high bays.

Our selection of LED Flat Panels and LED Troffers are great for new construction and remodeling application that include office, conference room and retail applications. LED flat panels are very popular since they offer glare-free and even light distribution. LED troffers are a more energy-efficient option than traditional fluorescent models. Our selection includes a center basket design that offer a sleek, contemporary look. These LED fixtures help to provide an updated look to any space they are installed in.

LED Retrofit Kits are an easy way for electrical contractors and business owners to update existing fixtures with LED technology. We have a large selection of these available that include LED troffer retrofit kits, LED strip retrofit kits and LED canopy light retrofit kits. These are super-easy to install and replace outdated inefficient lighting with LED.

For harsh environment applications, check out our selection of LED Vapor Tight Fixtures. The fixtures are constructed with a polycarbonate housing and impact resistant lens. They have a complete seal that keep out moisture, dust and dirt. One of their best features is that they can be hosed-down to keep your fixture looking like new.

LED Shop Lights are great for applications such as workshops, machine shops, woodworking facilities and many other applications. Even with their narrow frame, these fixtures create a bright wide spread of light output. They are a smart upgrade over traditional strip fixtures since they are longer lasting and more efficient.

Many of our LED commercial lighting fixtures are DLC and DLC Premium listed making them eligible to receive utility rebate incentives. They also feature dimming capabilities that help you achieve added savings and be able to adjust the light levels to your needs. Stars and Stripes Lighting is here to help with all of your lighting needs!

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