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Stars and Stripes Lighting's Story

It began with an idea to bring commercial and residential lighting together

We want to thank you for visiting one of the best lighting stores here in North America. Stars and Stripes Lighting first opened in 2017 in Austin, Texas with a simple idea, merge commercial and residential lighting fixtures into one e-commerce store to make it easy for end users to find what they were searching for. In the past six years, we have had the pleasure of helping thousands of customers who were searching for new lighting fixtures for their respective projects.

Selecting the best lighting brands that offered top-quality products

Before we started this journey, we envisioned only carrying lighting products from brands that had a reputation for being the best in their respective industries. We knew there were a variety of options available from a wide range of manufacturers. With all this in mind, Stars and Stripes Lighting strategically chose only the top brands who offered the very best options for commercial and residential lights.

Curated lighting collections for commercial and residential customers

We carefully crafted a wide range of collections for various types of lighting products to make each customer's online shopping experience enjoyable and simple. We categorized our lighting fixtures based on the different areas that exist in each application type. If you're shopping for a commercial building, we have a diverse offering of options to cover this type of application that includes canopy lights, drop ceiling lights, flood lights, high bay lights, shop lights, vapor-tight fixtures, and wall packs. Or if you're searching for home lighting for a renovation project or just trying to get some ideas for your new home that is being built, we offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting options that include ceiling fans, chandeliers, landscape lighting, recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, wall sconces, and vanity lights.

Lighting options for every application

In addition to our well-thought-out grouping of lighting fixtures into their respective collections, we realized that customers may just want to shop for lighting by application type. Commercial business owners can browse products for commercial lighting applications such as offices, garages, gymnasiums, hotels, restaurants, and warehouses. Whereas homeowners can browse for lighting fixtures for different areas of their home like bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, entryways, living rooms, and outdoor yards. We even offer event lighting for those special occasions, such as Christmas and Halloween.

Fair and reliable service from expert lighting specialists

Even though Stars and Stripes Lighting is a small business and not a big box retailer, we believe in offering our customers fair and reliable service with unbeatable pricing on commercial and residential light fixtures. That's why we've put together a knowledgeable and friendly team of lighting specialists that are capable of assisting customers with the demanding lighting requirements posed by commercial and residential projects. We provide all of our customers with the same quality service, regardless of the size of the job. At Stars and Stripes Lighting, we truly hope you enjoy the unique lights and products we offer for businesses and homes.

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