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Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Before selecting a new outdoor wall light, your should first consider what direction your new fixture will be casting light. For instance, open bottom light fixtures are designed for downlighting an area, whereas a glass-topped lantern is more ideal for accenting architectural elements above or around a door.

These wall-mounted outdoor fixtures come with arms or brackets that can be installed into tighter spaces, including areas that are between moldings. Stars and Stripes Lighting's selection of wall lighting fixtures are made of durable cast aluminum materials with finishes that can withstand the outdoor elements.

Here are some recommendations on where to place these fixtures. Make sure the electrical box for your exterior wall lights is placed so that the top of the fixture is 20% lower than the top of the molding. Also, keep in mind you should allow for the side door molding as well.

Outdoor Wall Lights FAQs

As the name implies, outdoor wall lights are lighting fixtures that are installed on the exterior walls of a home. These fixtures typically have one or more bulbs and used for ambient lighting.

Outdoor wall lights are available in a wide range of styles and finishes to complement and accentuate the style of any home's exterior. These fixtures are composed of durable materials such as copper, aluminum, and wood, which helps to ensure their longevity even under the most harsh climate conditions.

Outdoor wall lights are commonly used in entryways, front and back porches, patios, next to garage doors, and other high-traffic outdoor areas.