About Shop Lights

Shop lights are typically installed in work areas that require overhead or hanging lights. These fixtures are very flexible and can be used in a variety of different ways, which helps provide the right amount of illumination where your area needs it most.

LED shop lights come in hardwired, linkable, and plug-in styles, so you'll be able to find the right fit for your application. Regardless of which shop light is right for your application, each is built with the highest standards in mind for a reliable lighting solution that is built to last. All of our LED shop lighting fixtures are constructed with durable housings and easy to install mounting options. Besides these already impressive value shop LED lights provide, they also come with a range of lengthy warranty options.

When your trying to determine which shop lighting fixture that should be used for a space, the amount of lumens is crucial. That's why we offer shop light fixtures in a wide range of specifications such as several options on wattage, lumen output, and color temperature. All of these options will help provide bright LED lighting to your shop that is efficient and incredibly long lasting.

Shop Lights FAQs

Shop lights are overhead lighting fixtures that are commonly used in garages and workshops, hence the name, where detailed oriented tasks are being performed. Selecting the correct shop light fixture for a particular setting depends on a few important factors such as the size of the space being illuminated, how the fixture will be mounted, and the type of tasks that are being performed.

Shop lights are available in various types and styles that include high bays, linear strip fixtures, vapor tight lights and wraparound fixtures. Each type is specifically designed to address specific lighting requirements of certain areas. For example, most linear strip lights are linkable, which allows power to flow from one fixture to the next while only using one power source, eliminating the needs to plug in each shop light. High bays on the other hand are designed for use in larger areas with ceiling heights that exceed 20 feet.

Here are some qualities that shop lights should have:

• High CRI (color rendering) of at least 80
• High lumen output (brightness) will be dependent on the height and size of the space
• Color temperature (CCT) of 4000K (cool white) or 5000K (daylight)
• Mounting method (suspended or surface mounted)
• Reflectors which will help to direct the light downward

Shop lights are commonly used in a wide range of commercial and residential applications such as workshops, garages, storage rooms, auto repair shops and small warehouses.

Here are some of the benefits provided by LED shop lights:

• Installs in minutes, no wiring needed (includes mounting hardware)
• Up to 50% in energy savings compared to fluorescent
• Sleek architectural design
• Linkable from end to end (maximum of 8 fixtures)
• Integrated rocker switch to turn fixture on/off
• Includes attached power cord
• ETL Listed
• RoHS Compliant
• 50,000 rated hours
• 5 year warranty