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Under Cabinet Lighting

LED Under Cabinet Puck & Linear Lights

LED under cabinet lights are one the most useful and convenient applications when it comes to lighting on the market today. Not only do they help improve the look of a kitchen or workspace, they also help add optimal task illumination. As the name implies, LED under cabinet lights refers to light fixtures that are installed underneath a cabinet, typically upper wall. These accent fixtures are unobtrusive, seamlessly blending in with the existing décor in kitchens. We offer everything you need to implement a fully functional LED under cabinet lighting system. If you currently have an outdated system, now is the perfect to time to switch over to LED.

LED under cabinet lighting is not only limited to kitchens, this type of accent lighting is perfect for home offices, workbenches, garages, craft rooms, and more. Keep in mind, LED under cabinet fixtures should only be one element of your overall lighting scheme. Considered a blended lighting layout comprised of recessed downlighting, pendants, or even wall sconces. With so many styles and options available, choosing the right fixtures can seem overwhelming. Whether its the length or diameter to color temperature and CRI, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration before making your decision on purchasing LED under cabinet lighting. That's why were here to help. Our knowledgeable lighting specialists can help answer all your questions, make fixture suggestions, design a custom layout, or provide you with a quote at no cost.

Under Cabinet Lighting FAQs

As the name implies, under cabinet lighting is light fixtures that is typically installed underneath upper wall kitchen cabinets, helping to illuminate the space directly below. These fixtures are hidden so that they are not obtrusive or clash with existing décor. Even though under cabinet fixtures are used for task lighting, they also are great for adding accent lighting as well.

Under cabinet lighting is available in three different types: linear fixtures, puck lights and light bars. Each type provides their own unique light distribution pattern.

Linear Fixtures - are the most popular choice for illuminating high-usage areas like sinks, stoves and countertops. Linear under cabinet lighting fixtures help to brighten up the dark areas created by cabinets, giving your workspace the bright light it needs. The light output is smooth and even across the entire length of the fixture. These fixtures come in lengths ranging from 8-inches up to 40-inches.

Puck Lights - have a compact, low-profile design that allow them to conveniently add ambient lighting in residential and light commercial settings. Puck lights are perfect for smaller areas to highlight decorative objects and in places where other light fixtures would be too obtrusive or impractical. They are available in recessed and surface mounted options, and come in a variety of finishes and color temperatures.

Light Bars - feature a narrow design, that allow them to tuck neatly beneath cabinets. Under cabinet light bars are great for shelf lighting, kitchen counter lighting, and even task lighting in commercial applications like retail stores, bars and restaurants. They come in various lengths that include 12-inch, 18-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch, and they are linkable using end-to-end connectors to create a continuous flow of lighting.

The use for under cabinet lighting goes beyond the kitchen. It can be used as a functional lighting solution in other areas as well. Under cabinet lights are great for providing task lighting to the laundry room, workroom or home office. It can also be used as accent lighting to add depth and dimension to a wide variety of spaces, or simply showcase objects in glass cabinets or display cases.

In the last several years, LED under cabinet lighting has became an easy, cost-effective solution for adding task efficiency and visual depth to frequently-used work areas throughout a home. Ideal for under floor cabinets or above kitchen countertops, the return you'll see by installing under cabinet fixtures is quite substantial. Even though most people realize the wide variety of task applications LED under cabinet lights are perfect for, there are more benefits that these fixtures provide that can make a huge impact:

• Since LED lights are designed to last for years, these under cabinet fixtures will provide extensive savings on your energy bill.

• Something that is not thought of is safety. Under cabinet lighting helps to improve lighting levels within a kitchen, which helps to reduce the risks of cooking accidents from occurring. Also, LED lights help to eliminate glare and are gentle on the eyes as well.

• Regardless if you choose to go with puck or linear lights, the installation of LED under cabinet lighting is easy. In fact, its perfect for DIYers.