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Chandeliers can help change the atmosphere in any room. We have a wide selection of chandeliers at Stars and Stripes Lighting that will work with various decor environments. Many people find it to be a difficult and daunting task in trying to choose the right chandelier but it doesn't have to be.

First the most important thing to do is determine what style your home or space falls under. Is it more modern or traditional? If your space is more on the modern side, then you would want to choose a fixture with thin lines and curves. For spaces that have lots of furniture and antiques, that would put your space in the traditional or antique style category, making your choice simple with a traditional chandelier. Next you need to choose the fixture finish that goes with your home or space. Many modern spaces require finishes such as satin nickel or oiled bronze. For, traditional spaces, aged brass and dark browns are the most appropriate.

Chandeliers help give your home or space a certain character. We carry top brands of chandeliers at Stars and Stripes Lighting, such as Quorum International. If you still need help in choosing the right chandelier, let one of our customer service specialists lend you a hand.