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Bar Lighting

When it comes to bar lighting, there are several thing that need to be taken into consideration. To ensure you get the most out of this area, you want to make sure your customers encounter a warm and inviting atmosphere. Below are a few suggestions on implementing the best bar lighting.

Customers generally go to a bar to relax and socialize, so the space should be warm and inviting. With the appropriate lighting installed, you can easily create a welcoming atmosphere that is warm with a laid-back vibe. We recommend staying away from overly bright lights with cool color temperatures. Instead, opt for warmer colors closer to the yellow end of the Kelvin scale in conjunction with lighting that has a lower lumen output to help create this ambiance. The primary goal is to create a mood, necessarily light for visibility in this space.

Another way you can create ambiance with bar lighting is to experiment with color. Implementing a strategically-placed colored lens can help give the bar a modern edge design to help attract younger crowds. Years ago, neon was staple for bar lighting, since then gentler tones of blue or red are commonly used to highlight the edge of the bar area itself or spotlights to highlight other important areas, helping to create a fun atmosphere for patrons.

When in the planning stage for any type of lighting, while its important to address visual appeal, its more important to ensure your business meets the codes set-forth by local municipalities. So, you definitely want to make sure the lights you choose meet local requirements to avoid violating any local ordinances. You should also take energy efficient lighting solutions into consideration, since they are a great way to not only conserve energy but save money as well. This can easily be accomplished by looking for fixtures and lamps that are DLC listed.

If you're looking for a high performing solution that saves on energy consumption, while having a reliable output, we recommend you take a look at LED options. Lighting with LED technology is far superior in several ways including long lasting lamps and internal elements, more control over dimmable features, and best of all, savings on utility costs, while also having a positive impact on the environment.

Even though finding the right lighting solution is very important, you also should pay close attention to where the light will fall. The illumination spread should always be cast downwards, this helps to ensure that it will not hit reflective surfaces. An easy way you can achieve this is opting to install mostly downlight fixtures or with a mix of both uplight and downlight. You should also consider adding reflectors, which will help diffuse light to make it easier on the eyes.