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Restaurant Lighting

If you're a restaurant owner, choosing the right lights for your business could get overwhelming. When planning on which type of lighting solutions would best fit your restaurant, its important to learn what types are best suitable and how they will be placed. Below are some suggestions on how to implement the best restaurant lighting in this unique setting.

When you begin looking at the different types of lights that can be used in restaurants, you need to consider catering not only to your tastes but customers as well. In a restaurant, there are two main areas that need to be properly addressed, the dining areas where guests are primarily located and the kitchen where staff prepare meals. For the dining area, you want to create a nice ambiance, where the light output is soft and subtle, not overbearing. We recommend considering using decorative fixtures such as overhead chandeliers, recessed can lights, track lighting, and pendant lights. Whereas, the kitchen the thought process should be completely opposite. Since, your staff are preparing meals for customers, you want to make sure all the details are correct. To address this area, we recommend going with higher lumen output fixtures that produce bright, clean light output such as recessed troffers and flat panel lights. These options are easy to keep clean, which is especially important for an area that sees excess heat and vapors. Also, they protect the lamps from shattering, which could end up in customers food.

Consider implementing some task lighting in the kitchen in addition to the general lighting. Its imperative for your staff to be able to properly see since they are trying to complete important task such as cooking, washing dishes, or chopping vegetables. This type of lighting delivers a more direct light spread than general lighting because it is mounted lower near the work surface. Task lighting can consists of linear strip fixtures or individual lamps that direct light down, helping to provide extra illumination on a food prep table.

We realize its important to address the general lighting in restaurants. However, you should consider adding accent lighting, especially in the customer areas. Accent lighting is intended to create a warm ambiance and set the mood, rather than adding overall illumination to the space. You can also use accent lighting to draw attention to certain areas such as artwork or any other features you want to be highlighted in the dining area. This type of lighting can be implemented with a variety of fixture options such as recessed can lights, tape lighting, and wall sconces.