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Garden Lighting

As a homeowner, there are certain steps you can take to help create a beautiful outdoor environment such as keeping up the lawn and garden aspect. Whether you have hired a professional landscaping company to put in the plants, shrubs, and flowers, or you enjoy doing it yourself on the weekends, the matter of lighting should be something you strongly consider. Implementing the right lighting for gardens, you can elevate the appearance of your outdoor area, helping to make your home more serene and enjoyable. Below are some suggestions on how to choose lighting for gardens to get the best overall results.

Many homeowners are tempted to choose overhead lights for their garden area, however it is actually better to select a light that can be placed lower to the ground to cast upward light spread. This will help to move shadows up instead of down, light the details of the plants better with more depth, and it also allows you to easily hide the wires, cords, or fixture itself while still getting adequate illumination.

Even though installing an uplight will naturally create shadows for a certain ambiance, it can also be used to the advantage of the space. A garden should be soothing to look upon at night, while being a place of tranquility. With properly placed shadows, you can create a gentle look that is warm and inviting, instead of one that is focused on being overly bright.

If you decide to use a brighter light in terms of lumen output, you will need to incorporate reflectors or diffusers. Reflectors will help reduce unintended shadows, while diffusers will provide a gentle, more even toned light.

When your planning on where lighting fixtures for your garden will be placed, we recommend that you experiment with different placement options at night. This will allow you to see exactly where the light will spread and fall in the dark, so you can eliminate any issues before they arise. If a light is placed incorrectly by installing it during the day when you can't clearly see the spread, you could end up shining it into your windows or even worse, your neighbor's windows.

Just like other areas of your home, you want to ensure that you have a lighting solution that is cost-effective. For example, you may want the lights to come on after dinner without having to turn them on while you lounge on the deck. With the installation of timers, it will allow this ease of illumination, helping to ensure you will never forget to turn them off or leave them running during the day when they aren't needed.