Halco Lighting

Halco Lighting has been in business since 1974. The Halco brand incorporates LED luminaires that include, LED Flat Panels, Highbays, Downlights, Dusk-To-Dawn Lights, Canopy Lights and Wall Packs. Halco also has a full-line of their ProLED lamps that include LED T8 Lamps, T5HO, PAR20, PAR30, BR30, BR40 and A-Shaped. Their selection of LED lighting products consume less energy by supplying a lower wattage all while producing equivalent light output. Their products have input voltages that are 120V and 120-277V. 

Halco also has a large catalog of ProLume T8 and T5HO fluorescent lamps to choose from. Halco offers severn different color temperatures for their products, that range from 2700K to 6500K. They offer color tones that include warm white, soft white, neutral white, cool white, daylight and full spectrum. The lower color temperature indicates the light output will be warm and welcoming, typically found in residential homes and hotels. As the color temperature gets higher, it becomes cooler and clean, commonly found in commercial applications such as schools and hospitals. To help operate these lamps, check out our selection of Halco ProLume ballast. With a full-selection of T8, T5HO, CFL and HID to choose from.

Halco has an in-house testing facility known has Halco Lighting Laboratory, that enables them to stand behind their product reliability and dependability by offer their Quality Assurance program, guaranteeing credit or product replacement for products that do not live up-to their specifications. Halco products have rated hours that range from 24,000 up to 50,000 hours of life. Halco's fluorescent products feature a 2-year warranty but the ProLume Linear T8 and T5HO lamps increases to 3-years when used with a ProLume ballast. The Halco Lighting LED product line has a 5-year warranty.