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ELCO Lighting

Shop our selection of in stock ELCO Lighting products including recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, track lighting and step lighting. For almost 30 years, ELCO Lighting has been a leader in the production of residential and commercial lighting products. Stars and Stripes Lighting carries a huge selection of ELCO Lighting products, including recessed lighting, track lighting, step lights, under cabinet lighting and more.

ELCO has been in business since 1991. The ELCO brand has established a reputation for a revolutionary catalog of products that have lead the industry in performance and innovation. The ELCO brands incorporates domestic and industrial downlights, track, linear task and undercabinet illumination offering unique designs with energy-efficient solutions. ELCO is a overwhelmingly favored brand by many builders, architects and lighting designers for purposes such as single-family and multi-family homes, to retail stores and beautiful commercial spaces.

The ELCO brand continually looks to be the best in the lighting industry. ELCO ins constantly coming up with ways to be more economical and environmentally friendly. Their extensive product offering is compromised of LED fixtures and accessories. ELCO's focus on energy performance is meant to provide tangible savings now and help ensure tomorrow's future. The end results of their LED catalog will provide reduced energy bills, decreased carbon emissions and vapors, and comply with frequently changing electrical regulations and guidelines.

ELCO Undercabinet Lighting includes LED pucks, lightbars, and linear undercabinet fixtures for kitchens, offices and bathrooms. Their LED models maximize light output while limiting temperature, allowing for 35,000 hours of lamp life. These slim fixtures are designed to fit in any area. ELCO LED lamps are dimmable for a customized feel in kitchens and offices, providing comparable lighting to halogen fixtures while consuming up to 80 percent less energy.

ELCO LED Step Lights provide an extra level of safety to the steps inside and outside homes. ELCO outdoor LED step lights can withstand weather extremes brought on by cold or hot climates. ELCO's selection of indoor lights for stairways in full-sized and compact options include lensed, louver, cutoff and dimmable models. The ELCO Moa Mini LED Step Light can be installed in indoor wall mounts with standard junction boxes, and its modular design enables with vertical or horizontal installation.

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