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American Lighting

For over thirty years, American Lighting has been providing the most advanced and efficient lighting solutions for residential, commercial and speciality lighting applications. They take pride in being able to offer consumers lighting solutions that are not only innovative but high quality. One of American Lighting's main goals is continued innovation; by constantly developing new products that incorporate the latest technology and designs. One of their best qualities is offering superior customer service by employing and training a team of highly experienced lighting professionals.

American Lighting is constantly coming up with different lighting solutions that can completely change the look and feel of any space. We are pleased to offer many of American Lighting's most popular products that include Trulux LED tape lights, their new Spektrum Smart Lighting, and a wide selection of their EdgeLink LED flat panels and MicroLink LED linear lights. We also carry a large selection of American LED downlights in a variety of sizes and trim options, LED task lights and pucks, and their architectural line of exterior LED fixtures like step/stairs, commercial-grade string lights and floods.

American Lighting's award-wining Trulux tape lighting is one of the most complete linear systems available. The Trulux system includes different types of tape light for virtually any application, as well as compatible wireless controls and extrusions for endless customization possibilities. You to create your own undercabinet, step or accent lighting with ease. Simply start by choosing the appropriate tape, controls, and extrusion housing to see the look of your space instantly transform. Trulux tape lights can also be used as recessed "slot" fixtures for walls and ceilings. With Spektrum Smart Lighting, American Lighting's new Bluetooth Mesh connected product line, you can set the mood of any space with different colors and brightness levels. You can design the appropriate atmosphere for any occasion with pre-set schedules and scenes with this special RGB/CCT lighting. Wall controls include dial or touch versions, or for full control freedom use the Trulux app. If you're looking to use voice-commands, the Spektrum Gateway works seamlessly with Amazaon Alexa and Google Home. Browse our entire selection of American Lighting products today to instantly transform the look of your home or commercial property.