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LED Troffer Lights

LED troffer lights provide the ideal lighting solution for indoor applications like office lighting, retail stores, hospitals, classrooms, lobbies, reception areas and for general ambient lighting. LED grid troffers come in three standard sizes that include 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4. They are designed with edge-lit or back-lit technology to deliver shadowless and more even lighting. LED center basket troffers provide more energy-efficient light distribution when compared to traditional fluorescent ceiling troffers.

Recessed LED troffers come in 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4 sizes for easy installation in standard grid ceilings and T-bars. LED lay-in troffers are designed with a longer lifespan than fluorescent T8 lamps, while providing better light distribution that helps to avoid the cave affect on the walls and ceiling commonly associated with traditional fixtures. LED center basket troffers help deliver a more modern design, unlike what you get with typical fluorescent ceiling fixtures. LED troffers has variety of benefits that include an 80+ CRI for more accurate color rendering, 0-10V dimming capability, optional motion sensors and emergency battery packs.

Many LED recessed troffers are incorporating a indirect lighting design that helps shine the light upward to a reflector which projects it downward. There are several different types of LED troffers that include volumetric troffers, center basket troffers, parabolic troffers and flat prismatic troffers. LED center basket troffers and LED volumetric troffers have LED chips evenly mounted in the center of the fixture and are covered by a reflector. LED parabolic troffers feature a black reveal with specular aluminum cells in different patterns to evenly distribute light output. LED flat prismatic troffers are backlit troffers covered by a acrylic lens. LED lay-in troffers are very easy to install, they are typically recessed inside a ceiling, they can also become a surface mount troffer with surface mount brackets, or even suspended mount with appropriate cables and wires.