LED Shop Lights

LED Shop Lights

LED Shop Lights are a great choice for illuminating work shops, garages, warehouses, storage facilities, and other areas that require an abundance of light output. Our selection of LED Shop Lights are an environmentally friendly and budget-conscious solution to replacing outdated incandescent or HID light fixtures. LED Shop Lights come on to full brightness instantly so there is no warm up time like traditional fixtures. These fixtures come with a 5 year warranty so it will help give you a peace of mind with no replacement maintenance materials to purchase. LED Shop Lights are very flexible with their installation capabilities, they can either be surface mounted or suspended with either chain or aircraft cable hangers.


We carry LED Shop Lights from brand names such as TechBrite, ETi, Cree, and Falkor Lighting in a wide variety of wattages ranging from 10 watts to 90 watts. Our selection LED Shop Lights come in a choice of color temperatures that include 3500K, 4000K and 5000K. These fixtures are rated to provide up to 110,000 hours of lamp life, depending on the light you choose, commercial LED shop light fixtures offer beam angles of 110, 116 or 120. We also carry damp location listed strip fixtures that can be used in any interior or exterior location.

Installing LED Shop Lights is a great way to reduce overall energy and maintenance costs. LEDs do not require replacement ballasts or lamps unlike traditional fluorescent strip fixtures. With the LEDs instant-on capability you will be able to enjoy continuous illumination without worrying about maintaining your fixture so it stays at its peak performance. If you have any additional questions feel free to reach out to one of our customer service representatives, or order your LED Shop Lights from Stars and Stripes Lighting today.



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