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LED Shop Lights

LED shop lights are typically installed in work areas that require overhead or hanging lights. These fixtures are very flexible and can be used in a variety of different ways, which helps provide the right amount of illumination where your area needs it most.

Our collection of LED shop lights come in hardwired, linkable, and plug-in styles, so you'll be able to find the right fit for your application. Regardless of which shop light is right for your application, we offer trusted brands such as Euri Lighting, Keystone Technologies, Saylite, and more at affordable prices. These brands manufacture their LED shop lights with the highest standards for a reliable lighting solution that is built to last. All are constructed with durable housings and easy to install mounting options. Besides their already impressive value, they also come with a range of lengthy warranty options.

When your trying to determine what the level of lighting should be for a space, the amount of lumens and fixture length is crucial. That's why we offer 4 foot and 8 foot LED shop lights in a wide range of specifications such as several options on wattage, lumen output, and color temperature. All of these options will help provide bright LED lighting to your shop that is efficient and incredibly long lasting.

What are LED Shop Lights?

LED shop lights are a type of light fixture that is used in overhead applications to illuminate areas where intricate tasks are being performed. Some tasks that are being performed require fixtures provide a specific quality of illumination. Below are some of the qualities to look for:

  • High color temperature (CCT), typically 4000K or 5000K
  • High color rendering, a color rendering index (CRI) rating of 80 or above
  • High lumen output, this will depend on the amount space the fixture will be required to illuminate and what height its mounted at

Here are some examples of what LED shop lights look like:

Where are LED Shop Lights used?

LED shop lights are suitable for use in both commercial and residential applications such as garages, workshops, auto repair shops and small warehouses. Below are some more examples of where shop lights can be used:

What are the different types of LED Shop Lights?

LED shop lights are available in different shapes and styles of fixtures that are designed to suit specific lighting requirements such as quality of light being products and coverage patterns. Some the shapes and styles include 4-foot and 8-foot linear strip lights, UFO low bays and high bays, round low bays and high bays and grid-mount low bays and high bays. Low bay lights are suitable for use in areas that have a ceiling height of less than 20-feet, whereas high bays are intended for areas with ceiling heights that range from 20 to 45-feet.

Some linear strip lights are linkable which allows them to run power from one fixture to the next for continuous row mounting. This eliminates the need to hardwire or plug-in each shop light to a power source, make them perfect for applications that need end-to-end ceiling lighting.

How many LED Shop Lights do I need?

Determining how many LED shop lights you'll need depends on the amount of lumens you want distributed across your space. Not all settings are the same, each requires a different lighting setup and even though the amount of lumens is the most important factor, other considerations should be taken into account such beam-angles, placement, and efficacy.

How to install LED Shop Lights?

Before you begin installing your LED shop lights, the first thing to take into consideration is a suitable location. You'll want to accurately measure the area the light is being placed in, so its properly positioned above the workbench or work area that's being illuminated. You also need to make sure that the ceiling or mounting surface above this location can handle and support the weight of the shop light.

The majority of LED shop lights are able to connect to electricity via a regular wall-plug. So, you want to make sure you can safely run an electrical cable to the shop light without any obstructions. If you're looking at daisy chaining the fixtures, you need to confirm their power draw will not exceed that of your electrical cables.

Last, confirm that the providing chain and mounting height allow for the fixture to hang at an appropriate level. A fixture that is mounted too high may not be able to provide enough directed light to the workspace, while a fixture mounted too low could present a safety hazard if it gets in the way of people or other objects (such as power tools). Even though LED shop lights do not contain hazardous chemicals like mercury, they still operate on line voltage, which can cause serious injury or death if electrical safety is not properly observed.

What are the benefits of LED Shop Lights?

There are a wide-range of benefits and advantages offered by LED shop lights:

  • The overall benefits of LED lights vs fluorescent lights is exactly the same for shop lights - lower electrical consumption, no mercury, longer lifetimes.
  • LED tube lights direct light downwards to its intended target, whereas fluorescent lamps emit light in a 360 degree angle. So in a shop light fixture, the actual efficiency of LED shop lights is higher than that of fluorescent shop lights, which tend to lose some of the light.
  • LED shop lights also utilize enhanced light spectrum options including high CRI and photosynthesis optimization. This comes in handy for workshops that require color accuracy, such as woodworking shops, or even for growing plants.
  • Since shop lights are typically installed and positioned closer to the ground, they run a high risk of being accidentally struck by stray objects or power tools. When fluorescent tube breakages occur, it can be very hazardous and requires an extensive cleanup effort. Whereas, LED shop lights are typically made of extremely durable polycarbonate plastic, and even if they break, there is no risk of hazardous chemical leakage.