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LED Drop Ceiling Lights

LED drop ceiling lights provide an easy and discreet lighting solution where the fixtures need to be out of the way and unobtrusive, while still providing powerful light output. These drop ceiling lights are available in 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 sizes and are integrated with state-of-the-art LED technology, which allows you to outfit your commercial building space with the most energy-efficient and budget-friendly lighting solution.

LED drop ceiling light fixtures are typically rectangular or square in shape and used to illuminated indoor spaces with drop ceilings, grid ceilings, t-bar ceilings or suspended ceilings. They are recessed above the ceiling grid, creating a inconspicuous look and feel. With the appropriate hardware, they can also be suspended or surface mounted. Regardless of which mounting option you go with, the light will still be focused down and out from the fixture. Drop ceiling lights are commonly used in a variety of commercial applications. Some examples include offices, conference rooms, classrooms, hospitals, showrooms or retail spaces.

LED drop ceiling lights can also provide your commercial establishment with a variety of beneficial factors. Compared to traditional lighting options, drop ceiling LED lighting fixtures offer superior light quality in terms of color rendering, color temperature and lumen output (compared to wattage used). With a significantly longer lifespan, these lights need to be replaced less frequently. They also don't waste energy emitted as heat. Combining all these benefits, you can reduce your overall utility costs over time.

What are LED Drop Ceiling Lights?

LED drop ceiling lights are square or rectangular in shape that are used to illuminate indoor areas that have drop ceilings, grid ceilings, suspended ceilings or T-bar ceilings. These fixtures are typically recessed, laying flush with the ceiling grid and light is then projected down and out into the space. They also can be surface mounted or suspended with the appropriate mounting hardware.

Where are LED Drop Ceiling Lights used?

LED drop ceiling lights are most commonly used in commercial applications such as classrooms, conference rooms, offices and retail spaces.

What are the different types of LED Drop Ceiling Lights?

There are two common types of LED drop ceiling lights, flat panels and troffers. Flat panels utilize integrated LED arrays, while troffers are available with either LED tubes or integrated LED arrays.

Both of these types are available in three different sizes: 1 foot by 4 foot (1x4), 2 foot by 2 foot (2x2) and 2 foot by 4 foot (2x4). These varying sizes allow for flexible installation in ceiling grids. The 1x4 and 2x2 sizes are designed to easily fit into tight or narrow spaces, whereas 2x4 sizes are more appropriate for larger, more open areas.

Flat panels and troffers also incorporate baskets, diffusers, lenses, parabolic louvers and reflectors to control the brightness and glare of the fixture, while evenly distributing the light output.

What are the benefits of LED Drop Ceiling Lights?

There are many benefits you'll get with LED drop ceiling lights. Unlike comparable fluorescent options, they come on instantly when power up and do not flicker. Also, LED does not generate as much heat as fluorescents and the light output does not degrade over time. They are significantly more efficient and have a much longer useful life.