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LED Recessed Lighting

At Stars and Stripes Lighting, we carry a large variety of LED recessed lighting fixtures that are not only efficient but designed with quality and aesthetics. These light fixtures are recessed in the ceiling, allowing the light to shine downward, hence the name downlights. They are also commonly referred to as pot lights as well. These fixtures a very common and are often found in homes, offices, hallways, conference rooms, and many other areas that require general lighting.

When you are considering the installation of new or replacing existing recessed lights in your home or business, its important to new what is available. LED downlights come in a variety of different styles, wattages, and color temperatures. Many of them with their own unique fixtures that may suit your application's needs better. Below we will go over the most common types of LED can lights so you can make an informative decision before you are ready to purchase.

If you are looking at how to make your home or business more energy-efficient and have these fixtures already installed but don't want the hassle of having to hire an electrical contractor to install new models, your best option is to go with an LED retrofit downlight. These LED lights are over 80% more efficient than incandescent bulbs and produce less heat. They can be installed into the existing fixture by simply removing the original lamp and trim, then screwing in the LED module adapter into the socket. Yes, its really that simple!

These LED downlights are ideal for ceiling that have a shallow plenum with little clearance height for installation. They feature thin, compact design that allows you to install them in areas where traditional recessed cans would not fit. The advantage these fixtures have is that they require no recessed housing and are IC rated for use in insulated ceilings. They emit virtually no heat, so there is no gap required between the fixture and insulation. These downlights have an LED driver that is installed in its own box that can be remote mounted. The best part is they are super-easy to install, just drill a hole the size of the template provided, connect the necessary power and slide them in, then your done. They are perfect for both new construction and remodel projects.

You may be thinking aren't these fixtures the same as the ultra-thin and super-thin downlights we previously discussed. The answer is yes and no. These LED recessed downlights do not require a can housing and are called canless. What makes them different is that they are thicker than the other thin models. They have the same concept of requiring no recessed housing. Typically these fixtures have higher lumen packages and are designed for use in areas that need just a little bit more light. Common applications for these fixtures are residential homes with very high ceilings, commercial office buildings, retail stores, and conference rooms.

The majority of traditional recessed lighting fixtures still utilize incandescent light bulbs and produce whats called a warm white or 2700 kelvin temperature light output. With LED recessed lighting you have the freedom to choose what color temperature best suits your tastes, so your not stuck with a plain, cookie cutter color. LED downlights usually come in three standard kelvin temperatures that include, the 2700K warm white we discussed for people that like the light output they already have, 3000K soft white which doesn't have as much of a yellow hue as the 2700K does and is more toned down, and then the 4000K cool white which is more cool than the others. In some cases, manufacturers offer a 3500K neutral white and 5000K daylight LED recessed light. The easiest way to determine which color temperature is going to best suit your applications needs is to purchase inexpensive LED appliance bulbs with the corresponding color temperature and install them in your area. This way you can see what they will make your room look like before you make a purchase and install them.

We are to provide the guidance you need in selecting the most appropriate and energy efficient LED recessed lighting trim that best suits your needs. If you are unsure of how many lights you need, let us give you a free lighting layout to put your mind at ease and know you get the right amount of lighting you need for your application. If you have any additional questions about LED Recessed Lighting feel free to reach out to one of our customer service specialists.