LED Temporary Lighting

LED Temporary Lighting

    7 products

    7 products

    LED temporary lighting is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications where maximum illumination is needed for a limited amount of time. Temporary lights are great for job sites, construction sites and renovation areas that require the light to be portable and easy to be moved around frequently.

    There is a wide variety of LED temporary lights that can be used in various application types. These include string lights, hanging lights, flood lights, roadway warning lights, magnetic lights and dock lights.

    • String Lights - Perfect for areas in need of lighting that is both durable and easy to transport. This solution is useful in a range of locations. Constructed with durable cages to protect the bulbs, these light strings come in various lengths to accommodate the different lighting needs of different locations.
    • Flood Lights - If your area needs bright and powerful lighting, flood lights are the perfect solution. This type of portable construction light provides a powerful light spread that is concentrated, making it ideal for a large area in need of proper illumination.
    • Warning Lights - These small and compact lights can be used in an emergency to highlight an area of priority in a work site, direct drivers to stay away from an area on the road, or to alert others to a problem. They come in several colors and are rechargeable, helping to ensure you get many years of service.
    Some of these lights have ingress protection ratings that designate what kind of environment they are suitable for.
    • IP65 - protection against dust and water projected by a nozzle
    • IP66 - protection against dust and water projected by a jet
    • IP67 - protection against dust and when the enclosure is immersed in water (for specified time and pressure)

    We carry a range of different options when it comes to LED temporary lighting solutions. Choose from some of the most trusted brands in the industry such as EPCO and Keystone for quality and performance you can depend on. With various wattage options available that range from 60 watts to 150 watts, and voltages ranging from 120 to 277, we're confident you'll find a lighting solution that helps you get the job done. These temporary fixtures are built with sturdy frames and cages to protect the light source. They also have the latest LED technology integrated, giving you thousands of hours of continuous burn time, with some models even having recharging capabilities. LED temporary lighting comes available in various color temperatures and require no warm-up time, unlike metal halide and fluorescent options. They are also UL listed for use in either damp or wet locations.