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Track Lighting

Track Lighting: Linear Track and Track Heads

One of the most versatile lighting solutions to install in any application is track lighting. Track lighting is lightweight and very easy to install. One of its best features is that you get to design your own configuration and layout that suits your lighting needs. It comes in single lengths or can be connected for longer runs. It is a very popular for applications like retail, homes, kitchens, businesses and art museums. Track lights can be positioned to distribute light over a wide area or to simply highlight artwork and artifacts.

Linear track lighting comes in several different sizes and finishes, that will accommodate everyone's d├ęcor, that include black, white, nickel and bronze. Applications that have large areas that need to be illuminated, linear track can handle it, with its 2 foot, 4 foot, 6 foot, 8 foot and even 12 foot inter-connectable lengths.

Track heads come in many different designs, finishes and wattages. We have a selection of LED ready track heads and LED integrated track heads. LED ready track heads are an economical way to install LED track lighting by simply using a traditional line voltage track head and installing an LED bulb. When the lamp fails simply just install a new one. LED integrated track heads come with 5 year warranties and up-to 50,000 rated hours.

There are so many different options for track lighting that is available; our knowledgable staff can help you choose the right configuration to accommodate your application. We can help with layout and design, so you can be sure that your system will be right the first time.