Track Lighting

Track Lighting


    Track lighting is a flexible and customizable interior lighting solution that is based on a system of fixtures called heads or bullets connected to a track. It gives you the ability to individually reposition and adjust each track head to customize the illumination in the rooms and areas in your home or business.

    One of the most attractive features that track lighting offers is its versatility, which allows it to be used in a variety of applications. Whether your looking for a lighting solution that will provide general illumination, or something that can highlight a room's best features, a track lighting system can be customized to work around obstacles that would normally prevent conventional lighting fixtures from being installed. Track lights are commonly used in art museums and retail stores within commercial buildings, and are frequently installed in kitchen and living areas of residential homes.

    Types of Track Lighting

    Track lighting is available in two types, linear and monorail that are available in line voltage and low voltage configurations.

    Linear Track

    This type is typically mounted flush against a ceiling or wall, and uses linear strips of track that come in 2-foot, 4-foot, 6-foot, 8-foot and 12-foot lengths. It allows you to create a custom layout with various shapes of connectors that are designed to join the pieces of track together. You can also choose the style of lights that coordinates with your décor and place them anywhere along the track.

    Monorail Track

    Unlike linear track, monorail is suspended from the ceiling or protrudes from a wall using standoffs. This type of track offers a more sleek, contemporary look. It also comes available in complete kits, which includes the track, pre-attached light heads, and mounting hardware.

    Difference between line voltage and low voltage

    Line Voltage Systems

    These track systems can be installed using a home's 110-120 volt power, just like conventional lighting fixtures.

    Low Voltage Systems

    To install these track systems, a low-voltage transformer is needed to convert or step-down the regular current in your home to a lower voltage, which is typically 12-volts. Even though there is more parts and labor required from this type of system, the light output is more controlled and focused.

    Benefits of Track Lighting

    There are various benefits of choosing tracking lighting to illuminate areas of your home or business. Especially, if your application requires new wiring to add individual fixtures. Here is a list of the few advantages you'll get by installing a track lighting system.

    • Each head can be individually adjusted and repositioned to address the illumination needs in your home. This is come in handy if you like to redecorate an area by moving furniture around
    • Most systems allow you position each bullet at your preferred point along the track
    • It can be installed along walls or flush against the ceiling, depending on the design and needs of your individual space
    • There are different styles and sources of light when it comes to track heads, including energy-efficient LED and low-voltage halogen

    For many home and business owners, the thought of having to add new wiring for individual fixtures sounds complicated and overwhelming. If that's the case, track lighting is the perfect options for you. Depending on the design of your space, track lighting can be installed not only on ceiling but walls as well. It will allow you to distribute light from multiple sources to cover a wide area. Whether you're looking to illuminate a general space, or want to highlight a painting, picture, or some other object you wish to display, then track lighting is the ideal solution.

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