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Track Lighting

One of the most versatile lighting solutions to install in any application is track lighting. Track lighting is lightweight and very easy to install. One of its best features is that you get to design your own configuration and layout that suits your lighting needs. It comes in single lengths or can be connected for longer runs. It is a very popular for applications like retail, homes, kitchens, businesses and art museums. Track lights can be positioned to distribute light over a wide area or to simply highlight artwork and artifacts.

Track sections are available in 2 foot, 4 foot, 6 foot, 8 foot and 12 foot nominal lengths. Track systems are powered with 120V power that runs the length of the track to power the connected track heads. Single circuit track systems control all of the track heads that are connected, whereas two circuit track systems control the track heads independently of one another. Track rails can be mounted in various ways to create a customized lighting system which include surface mount, stem or cable-mounted and can be cut in the field to custom lengths.

There is wide range of electrical accessories available when it comes to track systems, including straight and flexible track connectors, conduit feeds, live end feeds and in-line feeds. These track accessories ensure that electricity evenly flows through the track and to its connected extensions. You can customize how your track is mounted with track mounting accessories that include stems and extension rods, mono-point canopies, pendant and ceiling kits, suspension kits and adapters. They enable track systems to be surface or suspended mount.

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