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Track Lighting

Track lighting is a flexible and customizable interior lighting solution that is based on a system of fixtures called heads or bullets connected to a track. It gives you the ability to individually reposition and adjust each track head to customize the illumination in the rooms and areas in your home or business.

For many home and business owners, the thought of having to add new wiring for individual fixtures sounds complicated and overwhelming. If that's the case, track lighting is the perfect options for you. Depending on the design of your space, track lighting can be installed not only on ceiling but walls as well. It will allow you to distribute light from multiple sources to cover a wide area. Whether you're looking to illuminate a general space, or want to highlight a painting, picture, or some other object you wish to display, then track lighting is the ideal solution. Stars and Stripes Lighting offers every component you need from track light fixtures that include pendants and heads, to tracks and accessories.