• LED GU24 A21 Bulb, 17 Watt, 1600 Lumens, 90+ CRI, Dimmable, Bi-Pin GU24 Base, Energy Star Rated, JA8 Compliant, 120V

    Color Temperature

    Introducing the LED GU24 A21 Bulb, a fantastic lighting solution that will brighten up any space with its powerful performance. Designed by Euri Lighting, a trusted brand known for their quality products, this bulb is a perfect choice for those seeking superior lighting and energy efficiency.

    With its 1600 lumens of omni-directional light output, this bulb provides exceptional brightness that will illuminate every corner of your room. Say goodbye to dull and dark spaces, and welcome a well-lit environment that promotes productivity and positivity.

    One of the key features of this LED GU24 A21 Bulb is its impressive energy savings. With just 17 Watts of power consumption, you can enjoy bright lighting without worrying about hefty electricity bills. It's a win-win situation - you save money while enjoying optimal lighting.

    The longevity of this bulb is another remarkable benefit. With a rated lifespan of 25,000 hours, you won't have to worry about frequent replacements. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly changing bulbs and hello to a long-lasting lighting solution.

    Let's not forget about the versatility of this bulb. It's perfect for both ambient lighting and general purpose applications. Whether you're reading a book in your cozy living room or working on a project in your home office, this bulb will provide the right amount of light for every situation.

    • Brand: Euri Lighting
    • Wattage: 17 Watts
    • Input Voltage: 120V
    • Lumens: 1600
    • Lamp Type: LED
    • Color Temperature: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
    • CRI: 90+
    • Dimmable: Yes
    • Base: GU24
    • Certifications: UL Listed, CEC Compliant, JA8 Compliant, Energy Star Rated
    • Dimensions: 2.8"D x 5.4"H
    • Rated Hours: 25,000
    • Warranty: 3 Years

    Experience the brilliance of the LED GU24 A21 Bulb. Upgrade your lighting experience today and enjoy the perfect blend of performance, efficiency, and longevity.