• Track Light Straight Connector


    The Track Light Straight Connector is the perfect solution for seamlessly connecting two sections of single circuit track end-to-end. Designed with precision and quality in mind, this connector ensures a secure and reliable connection, allowing you to create a continuous track lighting system with ease.

    With its sleek and minimalist design, this straight connector seamlessly blends into any space without drawing attention away from your lighting installation. Whether you're setting up track lighting in a commercial or residential setting, this connector is a must-have accessory.

    • Easy Installation: The Track Light Straight Connector is designed for hassle-free installation. Simply connect the two track sections and secure with the provided screws. No specialized tools or expertise required.
    • Compatibility: This connector is specifically designed for compatibility with single circuit track systems, making it an ideal choice for a variety of lighting applications.

    Constructed from high-quality materials, this connector ensures durability and longevity, guaranteeing a long-lasting and reliable connection. Its compact and lightweight design allows for flexible installation options, making it suitable for any track lighting configuration.


    • Brand: ELCO Lighting

    Enhance your track lighting system with the Track Light Straight Connector. Order yours today and experience the convenience and versatility of a seamless connection.