• Track Light Rail, Fully Polarized / Grounded, Solid Copper Buss Bars


    Introducing the versatile and efficient Track Light Rail, perfect for addressing all your lighting needs. Crafted with a low-profile design and constructed from durable die-cast aluminum, this rail offers superior quality and longevity.

    Equipped with fully polarized and grounded conductors, this track light rail ensures safe and reliable operation. The solid copper buss bars, encased in rigid PVC insulators, guarantee optimal conductivity, preventing any electrical mishaps.

    With the Track Light Rail, experience the convenience and efficiency of a single circuit, providing you with seamless control over your lighting setup. No need to worry about complicated wiring or multiple circuits, saving you time and effort.

    Allow the Track Light Rail to enhance your lighting experience with its built-in compatibility. Experience effortless installation, as this rail accommodates a standard input voltage of 120V, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of light fixtures.

    Incorporating the Track Light Rail into your space not only results in a seamless lighting setup but also enhances the aesthetics of your environment. The compact and sleek design blends seamlessly into any space, adding a touch of sophistication while providing top-notch lighting performance.

    • Efficient and reliable single circuit
    • Simple installation and compatibility with 120V input voltage

    Elevate your lighting experience with the versatile and high-performing Track Light Rail. Whether it's for residential or commercial use, this rail guarantees premium quality, exceptional functionality, and effortless installation. Experience the difference in lighting with the Track Light Rail.