• Spanish Chandelier

    Persian White
    Vintage Copper

    Enhance the ambiance of your space with our exquisite Spanish Chandelier. With its graceful curved arms and stunning clear crystal accents, this chandelier exudes sophistication and timeless elegance. Its blend of traditional charm and contemporary appeal will instantly elevate the style of any room.

    Transform your space with the distinct touch of class provided by our Spanish style chandelier. Its impeccable design and craftsmanship create a captivating focal point that effortlessly enhances the overall aesthetics of your interior. Whether illuminating a dining room, foyer, or living area, this chandelier is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

    • Elegant curved arms and clear crystal accents for a sophisticated design
    • Blends traditional elegance with an updated appeal to suit various decor styles

    Designed by the reputable brand Quorum International, this chandelier guarantees quality and reliability. It features a maximum wattage of 60 Watts, ensuring ample illumination for your space. The input voltage of 120V makes it compatible with most standard electrical systems. With nine bulbs and a candelabra E12 bulb base type, this chandelier provides a flattering light source that adds warmth and charm to your surroundings.

    The chandelier is conveniently dimmable, offering you the flexibility to create the desired atmosphere for any occasion. Additionally, it holds a UL Listed certification, ensuring its compliance with safety and performance standards. It is suitable for dry locations, adding a touch of elegance to your living spaces, bedrooms, or dining areas.

    • Available finishes: Persian White, Vintage Copper
    • Dimensions: 32"W x 37"H
    • Warranty: 2 Years

    Elevate your space with our Spanish Chandelier and indulge in the enchanting glow it brings to your home. Embrace the perfect combination of elegance, charm, and functionality.