• C9 LED Replacement Bulb, 0.8 Watt, Dimmable, Intermediate E17 Base, Faceted Plastic Lens, 120V, 25 Pack

    Pure White
    Warm White

    This C9 LED replacement bulb is designed to provide bright and long-lasting light output, making it the perfect choice for your holiday lights. Whether you want to cast a vivid glow across rooftops, along a fence, or down a driveway, this bulb has got you covered.

    With its efficient design, this replacement bulb offers excellent durability and energy efficiency. Its low wattage of 0.8 watts ensures that you can enjoy stunning illumination without worrying about high energy bills. Plus, the bulb's LED technology allows it to last for an impressive 15,000 hours, providing you with reliable lighting throughout the holiday season.

    Here are two key features of this C9 LED replacement bulb:

    • Exceptional Brightness: The high-quality LED technology ensures that this bulb delivers a brilliant and vibrant light output, illuminating your holiday decorations with a captivating glow.
    • Easy Installation: Designed to fit into any intermediate E17 base, this replacement bulb can be effortlessly installed into your existing holiday light sockets, making it a hassle-free solution for upgrading your lighting.

    Additional specifications of this C9 LED replacement bulb include:

    • Brand: American Lighting
    • Input Voltage: 120V
    • Lamp Type: LED
    • Dimmable: Yes
    • Materials: Faceted Plastic Lens
    • Certifications: UL Listed, CSA Listed
    • Case Quantity: 25
    • Dimensions: 1.125"D x 3.125"H
    • Rated Hours: 15,000

    Elevate your holiday lighting experience with this C9 LED replacement bulb. Its exceptional brightness, easy installation, and energy-efficient design make it an ideal choice for creating a festive and captivating atmosphere.