American Lighting


American Lighting Trulux 39.4" Double Flange Recessed Mount Anodized Aluminum Extrusion

The American Lighting PE-AA2DF-1M allows you to hide edges when needed with the recessed Double Flange extrusion designed for use in recessed channels 5/8” wide by 1/2” deep. There are two versions of end caps that allow a clean edge at the power end and opposite end, while the UV resistant/flame retardant lens protects the tape light within. This extrusion is compatible with all versions of tape except Double Row This extrusion can be sealed for outdoor use with silicone to make the fixture water tight. Order your American Lighting PE-AA2DF-1M today or contact one of our customer service specialists for more information.

  • Made of lightweight double anodized aluminum
  • Frosted lens protects light source while evenly diffusing light
  • Field cuttable extrusion and lens
  • Aluminum provides excellent heat dissipation
  • Optional end caps available
  • Compatible with most Trulux Tape Light

Product Certifications


Product Specifications

Brand  American Lighting
Manufacturer Part Number PE-AA2DF-1M
UPC 714176012186
Length 39.4"
Width 0.9"
Height 0.5"
Warranty 3 Years


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