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American Lighting


Trulux 39.4" Universal Recessed Mount Anodized Aluminum Extrusion

The American Lighting PE-AA2-1M Universal Extrusion features a rectangular profile that requires a 5/8” wide by 1/2" deep channel if you recess mount it. It’s also suitable for surface mount applications. Either a UVLENS can be used for general diffusion or a focusing lens for a narrow, focused beam. E-CLIPs are recommended for most surface applications. Order your American Lighting PE-AA2-1M today or contact one of our customer service specialists for more information.

  • Can be recessed or surface mounted
  • Made of lightweight high quality aluminum
  • Frosted lens protects light source while evenly diffusing light
  • Field cuttable extrusion and lenses
  • Additional focusing lens available for 10° beam pattern control
  • Optional end caps and mounting clips available
  • Compatible with most Trulux Tape Light

Product Certifications

Product Specifications

Brand  American Lighting
Manufacturer Part Number PE-AA2-1M
UPC 714176012179
Length 39.4"
Width 0.63"
Height 0.5"
Warranty 3 Years


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