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Vapor Tight Lighting

Vapor Tight Lighting

Many commercial and industrial building settings can present several challenges when it comes to selecting the appropriate lighting system. Some areas may be exposed to more heat, water, humidity, and other types of debris that could seriously damage your lighting fixtures. An ideal solution to prevent these unwanted elements from becoming a problem is with the installation of vapor tight fixtures. These wet location fixtures are built with extra durable materials and feature added protection to alleviate these worries. Besides the fact these fixtures help to protect the fixtures internals from water damage, they also are protected from rust and corrosion. These reliable lights are great for a variety of applications that present unique obstacles.

Types of Vapor Tight and Wet Location Fixtures

  • There are two common designs for vapor tight lighting which include high-bay and linear fixtures
  • Both design protect against moisture, however each are suitable in their own respective applications. For example a high bay would be used in an areas with 15-25 foot ceiling heights. Whereas, the linear fixture is ideal for low- to mid-ceiling heights such as long hallways and large rooms
  • Any vapor tight light is suitable for use either indoors or outdoors, however every area has different lighting needs

We carry variety of different options when it comes to vapor tight fixtures. Each are uniquely designed for applications with tough environments. The great benefit of vapor tight lighting is that it can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Select from various wattages, voltages, and lumen outputs to get the perfect solution that meets your needs. If you're are looking for a fixture that is energy-efficient, provides bright light output, or is long-lasting, we have an LED option available for your lighting needs.

Need Help With Vapor Tight Lighting Fixtures?

Our team of NAILD Certified Lighting Experts is here to help any questions or concerns that you may have.

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