SLG Lighting

SLG Lighting (Spring Lighting Group) is headquartered in Houston, Texas. They are vertically integrated premier manufacturer of solid state lighting. SLG Lighting, prides themselves in designing and manufacturing housings, reflectors, lenses, drivers and LED boards in their own factories. By applying this type of vertical integration gives SLG Lighting full control of their supply chain and manufacturing process, enabling their customers to receive the highest quality LED lighting fixtures at very affordable prices. SLG uses only the highest quality components in their LED luminaires. Their fixtures go through meticulous testing and quality control to ensure customers receive premium, quality products.

SLG Lighting is dedicated to providing quality, solid-state lighting at affordable pricing. All LED products are made of only top-quality components with each bearing the commitment SLG Lighting makes to enforcing strict quality and safety standards. SLG Lighting has an unprecedented 10 year warranty on all of their LED commercial lighting fixtures. They are extremely confident in the quality and craftsmanship of their fixtures that they will stand the test of time.