RRST-W4B RadioRA 3 Sunnata Keypad by Lutron

The RRST-W4B RadioRA 3 Sunnata keypad from Lutron provides homeowners with a convenient and elegant way to operate lights, shades/draperies, motorized screens, and many other devices.

This RRST-W4B Sunnata keypad from Lutron features four large, easy-to-use buttons with each having LED bars, making them easier to locate under low light conditions. Each button also has printing colors that are selected, regardless of the keypad's finish or color.

The default printing provides the ability to use the RRST-W4B keypad in the space, and once custom printing has been identified, a replacement button kit can be redeemed using the HomeWorks setup software.

There are also replacement button kits available in a wide range of colors and finishes with custom printing to clearly identify the function of each button. Thanks to the flexible design of the keypad, the color and configuration of the buttons on the RRST-W4B can be changed in the field, after installation. You can also pair the RRST-W4B with Lutron Designer (Claro) wallplates for a polished finish.

  • With just the press of a single button, lights fade on or off to desired level and shades/draperies open or close to desired positions
  • You can fine-tune the light levels and shade/drapery positions by pressing and holding the raise/lower buttons
  • Programmable to select scene or room preset levels or positions
  • Adjustable status LED intensity through system level programming
  • Includes one credit redeemable for a single custom printed button replacement kit through the HomeWorks GUI
  • Requires 120-277V hot and neutral wire connection
  • Deep 2.25 or 3.5 inch U.S. wallbox required for mounting
  • Power failure memory
  • 1-year limited warranty