Residential Lighting

Residential lighting solutions are specifically designed to illuminate applications such as houses, apartments, condos, townhouses, and villas. Residential lighting fixtures vary in style and functionality, proving thousands of options to ensure homeowners or renters can find the perfect look for their space.

Our extensive selection of residential lighting fixtures have their own unique design elements and function. They help provide a primary source of lighting, while coordinating with an existing area's specific décor. Our lighting fixtures work great for residential applications such as bathrooms, bedrooms, foyers, dining rooms, living areas and outdoor areas. With such a wide range of uses, you'll find the perfect fixtures for every area in and around your home that provides great décor and quality illumination.

There are several different types of lighting fixtures that are designed as residential specific lighting options. Some examples of residential lighting fixtures include bathroom vanity fixtures, chandeliers, ceiling fans, decorative lamps, flush mount ceiling lights, kitchen island lights, under-cabinet lights, wall sconces, and more. Each of these products vary in performance and installation methods. So, before choosing a residential lighting fixture make sure to take these things into consideration.