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Recording Studio Lighting

There are many ways you can creatively design your lighting plan to accommodate the specific needs a space may have. For example, recording studio lighting needs to be able to achieve certain effects with maximum creativity and minimal discomfort. Below are a few suggestions on putting together the best recording studio lighting for your location.

While many locations require high levels of illumination for visibility purposes, a recording studio requires subtle illumination. Many people believe that a recording studio needs lighting to create a certain type of ambiance rather than brightness because it will aid in the creative process in a welcoming atmosphere. So, do not be afraid to incorporate shadows into the space, which help create a relaxed environment.

Even though you want to invite shadowy recesses as a means of creating the right ambiance, you should not ignore areas were visibility is crucial. For example, in areas where sheet music is read, entrances and exits, and any spot where a lack of visibility could be a safety concern, such as steps, should have proper illumination to prevent any issues from arising.

Choosing the right color temperature can help you balance the need for proper illumination and ambiance lighting. For example, a warmer color temperature is a better choice than a cooler one for this area. We recommend a warmer yellow choice, such as a 2700-3500K, which will ensure you still get the lumen output you need without sacrificing the ambiance.

A recording studio is a space that will allow you flexibility when it comes to creative design elements. For instance, adding red or blue filters to the lighting will help create a relaxed vibe that is still great for focusing on the task at hand. Directional lights are also a perfect way to achieve a colorful approach by having bold color outputs that are directed in specific areas for added ambiance.

Recording studios should always have a comfortable temperature. For instance, if your using lighting solutions that produce a lot of heat output, it could make the space too warm, especially in tighter areas such as the sound booth. We recommend that you stay away from incandescent bulbs, which have higher heat loss during production compared to other options.

If you are looking for an option that can meet all these needs, LED is the best solution. It produces no heat during operation, has a wide variety of color temperature scales available, and is highly efficient to ensure a cost-effective solution for your business.