PAR38 LED Bulbs

Stars and Stripes Lighting's selection of PAR38 LED bulbs provide a long-lasting, energy -efficient alternative to their halogen equivalents. We offer PAR38 LED light bulbs in a variety of different color temperatures and lumen outputs with an incredibly high CRI that provide excellent color consistency. These LED PAR38 bulbs have durable plastic housings to reduce breakage, offer an incredible lifespan to minimize replacement and maintenance costs, and are use up to 85% less energy than comparable halogen options. Stars and Stripes Lighting's PAR38 LED bulbs are rated for use in wet location applications such as outdoor flood and spot lights, and can be used in interior fixtures such as recessed can lights and track lights as well.


Parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) 38 LED bulbs control light more precisely. They produce about four times the concentrated light intensity of general service A shape incandescents, and are used in recessed and track lighting. Like all light bulbs, the 30 value represents the diameter of the bulb in 1⁄8 of an inch. Therefore, PAR 38 is 4.75 inches in diameter.

Since new PAR38 bulbs incorporate LED technology, they are more efficient than standard halogen or incandescent bulbs, meaning they use less energy and last longer. PAR38 light bulbs also emit significantly less heat than other options, which helps reduce the overall heat in an area and the AC needed to keep it cool. PAR38 LED bulbs also have multiple color temperature and beam angle options available as well, unlike halogen models that only come in 3000K.

Color Temperatures

• 2700K (Warm White)
• 3000K (Soft White)
• 3500K (Neutral White)
• 4000K (Cool White)
• 5000K (Daylight)

Beam Angles

• Narrow Spot: 10 degree or less beam angle
• Spot: 15 degree beam angle
• Narrow Flood: 25 degree beam angle
• Flood: 36 degree beam angle
• Wide Flood: 50 degree or greater beam angle

PAR38 LED light bulbs are typically used in large recessed can fixtures, outdoor flood lights and landscaping fixtures. Keep in mind if your going to be using them in an outdoor application, make sure the PAR38 is rated for wet location use or for enclosed fixtures so they are protected from the weather.


PAR38 LED bulbs are designed as a one-for-one replacement solution for their halogen equivalents. They provide a more efficient and long lasting alternative without sacrificing any light output.

PAR38 LED bulbs come in a wide range of different beam angles, color temperatures, and lumen outputs. They feature two different base types, E26 (medium base) and GU24 (bi-pin).

PAR38 LED bulbs are commonly used in lighting applications that include display lights, flood and spot lights, outdoor fixtures that are protected from the elements, recessed downlights, and track lights.

Here are some of the benefits provided by PAR38 LED bulbs:

• Up to 85% more efficient than halogen alternatives
• Low heat generation, making them ideal for display lighting
• Unique full face optics to provide a better quality of light, while retaining the traditional look of a halogen
• Dimmable and non-dimmable versions available
• Light weight, which helps ensure track and downlight installations do not strain
• Composed of durable plastic to lower the risk of injury or breakage
• Smooth clean outside housing, which allows them to blend into existing lighting applications
• Excellent color consistency and CRI to enhance colors
• 25,000 hour rated life
• 5 year warranty


Here at Stars and Stripes Lighting, we pride ourselves on helping our customers find the best and most appropriate PAR38 LED bulbs that will best suit their needs. If your still unsure on which LED replacement for PAR38 bulbs you need for your application, let one of our lighting specialists help you today. We can provide you with additional information, so you'll get the best PAR38 LED light bulbs for your application. If you have additional questions about PAR38 LED bulbs feel free to reach out to one of our lighting experts, we're here to help.