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LED Recessed Flat Panels / Troffer Lights

LED Recessed Flat Panels / Troffer Lights

With a discreet and sleek design, LED recessed flat panels and troffers provide wide-spread, efficient lighting to large open areas, while helping to make sure your commercial space promotes a polished and professional look every day.

  • LED recessed flat panels and troffer lights come in three standard sizes that include 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4. Selecting the correct size depends on your space and how wide-spread the light needs to be for adequate illumination.
  • Troffer lights and flat panels are designed to be recessed seamlessly into an existing ceiling grid. However, both have accessories available that allow them to be surface mounted or suspended as well.
  • The benefit of using LED recessed troffers and flat panels is that they provide uniform lighting that is highly-efficient and long-lasting which makes them ideal for applications such as offices, retail stores, schools, universities, and more.

We carry a large variety of recessed LED recessed flat panels and troffers so you can find the perfect style that coordinates with your building. Before you begin your search, determine what the lighting requirements for you space will be. Recessed troffers come in three distinct styles that include prismatic static lens, volumetric, and parabolic. Whereas, recessed flat panels only come in edge-lit and back-lit styles. With so many options to choose from, we are sure you will find the exact fixture that suits your needs.

Troffer and Panel Commercial Lights come in three basic configurations to accommodate different ceiling applications:
  • Recessed grid mount 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4
  • Surface mount
  • Suspended
Troffer and Panel Lighting Fixtures are differentiated based on a variety of factors:
  • Wattage
  • Color temperature, color tone
  • Input voltage: 120-277V, 480V
  • Mounting type: recessed in grid ceiling, surface mounted, or suspended

After you have selected the style you want, the next step is to select the appropriate wattage, voltage, and color temperature. With an array of wattages to help adequately illuminate your space. Voltages range from standard 120-277V and 480V for high-voltage applications. Select from multiple color temperature choices ranging from 3000K to 5000K. LED recessed flat panels and troffers are extremely popular in commercial applications because of the even lighting they provide without causing eye strain or fatigue.

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