LED Panels vs. Troffer Lights

Differences and Similarities of LED Panels and Troffer Lights

What are LED Panels?

LED panels are a type of lighting fixtures that are designed to replace conventional fluorescent ceiling lights. They're designed to deliver smooth and flawless illumination without shadows or hot spots. These fixtures are extremely versatile, they can be mounted to various ceiling surfaces and uses in various applications. Whether your looking to replace your existing fluorescent troffers, or have a new construction project in the works, LED panel lighting is a modern and energy efficient solution.

What are the different ways LED Panel Lights can be installed?

As we mentioned previously, panel lighting is versatile, typically most end users recessed these fixtures in a drop or grid ceiling. However, with the appropriate mounting hardware LED panel lights can be surface mounted or suspended. Unlike other lighting options, LED panels have a sleek design, which is why they are very popular in both commercial and residential applications. Some of those applications includes homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and retail stores just to name a few.

How do LED Panel Lights compare to traditional fluorescent troffers?

Acrylic light panels have a much more durable and long lasting design when compared to traditional fluorescent lighting. For example, some LED panel lights can last up to 100,000 hours and have manufacturer warranties that guarantee performance for at least 10 years, while fluorescent lights only last a fraction of that time.

LED ceiling panel light fixtures come in a variety of wattage and lumen outputs, which makes them perfect for offices, schools, hospitals, and other commercial applications. With all the popularity surrounding LED technology right now, most commercial contractors and end users are choosing LED panel lighting due to its sleek and modern look.

Here are some of the benefits LED panel lights provide:

  • Ultra-Thin Design
  • High Lumen Output
  • Durability
  • More Color Choices
  • Dimmable Features
  • Shatter Resistant
  • Flexible Installation

What's the difference between an LED panel and LED troffer?

LED panels have a slimmer profile and straight edge design, which allows them to replace fluorescent ceiling light with ease, especially in areas with limited space above the ceiling. Whereas, LED troffers are rectangular fixtures that come in a variety of style options, and are designed to be recessed in a modular dropped ceiling. However, they require more space for installation, which can limits them to being installed in only certain areas.

When fluorescent troffers first arrived on the market, the results were subpar to say the least. They provided low light output with unpleasant color rendering that constantly flickered. They also were very expensive to maintain as well. Since the innovative technology of LED lighting has evolved over the years, more and more end users are choosing to switch or install this options due to its performance and cost-effectiveness.


In conclusion, LED flat panel lighting is very popular for a variety of the reasons we previously explained. Whether to replace your current fluorescent lighting with something that is more efficient, or just want a more modern look, any of the flat panel fixtures we carry would be a great solution. If you have additional questions, or your simply just not sure which model would be right for you, reach out to one of our lighting experts today. We would be glad to put together a lighting plan that coordinates with the needs of your specific application!