LED Lighting Guide

Are you constantly looking for a solution to reduce electricity costs at your home or business? Well there is a solution that can solve that problem, switching to energy-efficient LED lighting. It is the perfect solution because of its efficiency and longevity. Our environmentally conscious LED lighting products at Stars and Stripes Lighting are fit to service every application. Whether you’re looking for a particular color or style, we have it. We carry energy-efficient residential and commercial LED lighting products that are specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use. So if you want to upgrade your home's or commercial building's lighting, or simply want to reduce energy-costs we can help!

LED Lighting Fixtures Save You Money

Upgrading to a energy-efficient LED lighting solution instantly starts to generate savings. Unlike traditional HID, incandescent and fluorescent lighting, LED lighting uses light emitting diodes, which in layman's terms an electrical current passes through a semi-conductor material in LED lighting products to illuminate small light sources or commonly referred to as LEDs. When this happens a bright, powerful, and efficient light is produced while using a lower amount of energy.

Compared to traditional lighting systems, LED lighting provides a long-lasting solution to residential and commercial applications. The majority of LED lighting products have very long rated life spans, with some exceeding 100,000 hours of operation, saving you on replacement materials and labor costs.

Efficiency of LED Lighting and Customization Possibilities

Whether you’re looking at installing energy-efficient LED lighting indoors or outdoors, the look is totally customizable. LEDs have a generous color selection available, so if you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, an LED with a Warm White (2700K) color tone would be the most appropriate choice. Let's say you have an area where details matter like in a kitchen, workspace, or garage application, then you would want to choose an energy-efficient LED lighting product in a Cool White (4000K) color tone. Lastly, if you're simply looking to create a lively atmosphere and mimic the look of sunlight, then go with a Daylight (5000K) color tone for your LED lighting solution.

LED lighting is a great way to illuminate outdoor spaces such as parking areas, backyards, driveways, landscaping and more. It helps to improve safety, while creating a cool atmosphere your family and guests can enjoy. Stars and Stripes Lighting's extensive selection of energy-efficient LED lighting is a great solution when metal halide lamps, floodlights, security lighting and other types of outdoor lighting are being replaced. Our selection of wet location LED lighting is ideal for areas exposed to water, moisture, and debris.

Stars and Stripes Lighting carries the most popular energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures that are versatile and long-lasting. We are here to help you decide on which energy-efficient LED lighting solution will work best in your residential or commercial application!