LED Light Bulbs

Stars and Stripes Lighting's collection of LED light bulbs provide the ultimate energy-saving solution for updating outdated bulbs. We offer LED bulbs in various shapes and sizes. These LED replacement bulbs offer exceptional efficiency and deliver a superior quality of light across a wide range of color temperatures that will suit the needs of various indoor and outdoor applications. Stars and Stripes Lighting's LED light bulbs are the perfect choice if your looking for the best in energy-efficiency, the most durable, something that is dimmable, or just a bulb that is long-lasting, we have all these options and more!

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A15 LED Bulbs

For a energy-efficient and long-lasting replacement for incandescent appliance bulbs, our selection of A15 LED bulbs are the perfect choice

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A19 LED Bulbs

Reduce your monthly utility bill by replacing existing household incandescent light bulbs with our energy-efficient A19 LED bulbs

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A21 LED Bulbs

Replace your outdated incandescent bulbs in your table and floor lamps with our long-lasting A21 LED bulbs

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BR20 LED Bulbs

Designed as a direct replacement for 50-watt incandescent reflector bulbs, our BR20 LED bulbs will help reduce energy consumption while creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere

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BR30 LED Bulbs

Replace your 65-watt incandescent flood bulbs with our energy-efficient BR30 LED bulbs

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BR40 LED Bulbs

Replace traditional incandescent reflector bulbs found in recessed cans and track fixtures with our BR40 LED bulbs

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C7 LED Bulbs

Improve the longevity and efficiency of your holiday lighting display with our selection of C7 LED bulbs

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C9 LED Bulbs

Swap your existing incandescent C9s with our beautiful, energy-efficient C9 LED bulbs

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LED CFL Retrofit Lamps

Replace your existing inefficient compact fluorescent lamps with our long-lasting, energy-efficient LED CFL retrofit lamps

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LED HID Retrofit Bulbs

Upgrade your existing HID fixtures to a more efficient and longer lasting lighting solution with the installation of our LED HID retrofit bulbs

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MR16 LED Bulbs

Replace outdated and inefficient halogen bulbs found in low-voltage lighting applications with our energy-efficient MR16 LED bulbs

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PAR16 LED Bulbs

Upgrade existing halogen bulbs found in recessed lighting fixtures with our more efficient PAR16 LED bulbs

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PAR20 LED Bulbs

Upgrade from worn out, inefficient halogen light bulbs to long-lasting and energy efficient PAR20 LED bulbs

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PAR30 LED Bulbs

For bright, directional lighting that is suitable for various home applications, our PAR30 LED bulbs are the perfect solution

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PAR38 LED Bulbs

Replace energy-hogging halogen bulbs in outdoor flood lights with our selection of energy-efficient, long-lasting PAR38 LED bulbs

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T5 LED Bulbs

Save over 50% in energy consumption by replacing existing linear fluorescent T5s with our T5 LED bulbs

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T8 LED Bulbs

Reduce maintenance and energy costs by replacing outdated, inefficient fluorescent T8s with our T8 LED bulbs

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LED light bulbs are continuously evolving, from improvements in specifications such as lumen output or lower wattages to advanced dimming or life expectancy. All of this information that is available on LED bulbs can become confusing really quick. We will go over the important details about LED light bulbs and what you need to know before making your purchase.

Residential or commercial LED light bulbs can offer over 100,000 hours of consistent illumination, are environmental friendly, and the most important they have a greater cost savings over time than incandescent and their CFL equivalents.

At Stars and Stripes Lighting, we carry many different styles of LED light bulbs that are equipped with the latest technology, including the most popular LED general service bulbs that offer up to 40,000 hours of consistent illumination to commercial-grade LED bulb lights that are smarter alternatives than traditional T8 fluorescent tubes. LED bulbs produce less heat than compact fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs. This give your HVAC unit a break during the summer months since there is virtually no heat emitted by LEDs. LED bulbs originally only came in a cool blue tone but now they come in a variety of different color temperatures from 2700 kelvin warm white to 5000 kelvin daylight. LED light bulbs are not only energy efficient but they are very durable and environmentally friendly. LED bulbs also burn continuously at full brightness without color shifting or brightness reduction due to the age and amount of hours the lamps had burned.

LED light bulbs are also much more energy efficient than compact fluorescent lamps. LED bulbs require no warm-up time unlike compact fluorescent lamps which require a period of time before they reach full brightness. LED replacement bulbs are generally manufactured out of plastic instead of glass like compact fluorescent and incandescent lamps; thus making them much more durable. They can also product the same amount of light that is emitted from fluorescents while lasting longer and by using less energy in the process. LED bulbs are also mercury free and RoHS compliant; the same can not be said about fluorescent lamps.

Stars and Stripes Lighting will provide you with informed information concerning your application, to ensure you purchase the correct residential or commercial LED light bulbs with confidence. We carry a wide variety of LED bulbs that are compatible with most dimmers. We also can help guide you in making the right choice in color temperature for your new LED bulbs; including 2200 kelvin to 3000 kelvin being more like a traditional incandescent lamp or if you want a bright white light output you could go with a 5000 kelvin temperature or higher. Order today from Stars and Stripes Lighting, or if you have additional questions about buying LED light bulbs online, feel free to reach out to one of our customer service representatives.


LED light bulbs consist of light-emitting diodes that are encased in plastic or glass materials that protect the internal elements and focus the light output. LED bulbs are designed to replace traditional incandescent, fluorescent and HID technologies with a more efficient and long-lasting option.

There are a variety of different types of LED light bulbs on the market. Below we'll go over each type and what they replace:

Type A LED Light Bulbs: A-shape, also referred to as standard shape, bulbs are the most common shape available on the market. These bulbs are commonly used in lighting fixtures, table lamps and recessed fixtures throughout a home. For many years, these incandescent light bulbs have been used by homeowners to illuminate the interior and exterior of their home. A shape light bulbs come in three different sizes that are referred to as A15, A19 and A21.

As technology has improved, incandescent a-shape light bulbs have been replaced with better LED versions. A-shape LED light bulbs provide several benefits over their incandescent predecessors. They are designed to provide up to 50,000 hours of uninterrupted illumination, which means you'll be able to enjoy doing other things rather than constantly having to replace light bulbs. These new a-shaped LED bulb emits up to 90% less heat than the traditional incandescent. Also, they provide the same amount of light while only using a fraction of the energy.

Type B LED Light Bulbs: BR, also known as bulged reflector, bulbs are designed with a reflective coating to provide directional light. It provides a cone-like light beam that ranges in ranges from narrow spot to wide flood beam angles. The spot bulb has a narrow distribution pattern with a higher intensity at the center of the beam than a flood bulb in the same shape and wattage. These BR light bulbs come in three different sizes that are referred to as BR20, BR30 and BR40.

BR incandescent bulbs were frequently found in a variety of applications that needed general lighting. Unfortunately, they've quickly been replaced by LED versions because of their lower efficacy and shorter life. BR LED light bulbs are designed to last up-to 4 times as long as their incandescent predecessors, while requiring less than half the energy to operate.

When shopping for these bulbs it important to keep in mind that the BR refers to the shape of the bulb, and the number that comes after it indicates the diameter. For example, a bulb labeled as BR30 is a bulged reflector (BR) bulb that is 3.75" at the widest point. So, its important to check the size of the fixture housing first to make sure your new bulb will fit.

Type C LED Light Bulbs: C shape bulbs are designed to look like a candle flame. There are two styles of C light bulbs available. One style has a blunt tip that is often referred to as "torpedo" or "bullet" shaped, whereas the other style has a molded, bent tip (also known as a flame tip) and is often referred to as a "chandelier light bulb".

These C-shaped bulbs come in four different sizes that are referred to as C7, C9, C11, and C15. The most common applications for type C LED light bulbs include chandeliers, indoor and outdoor string lights, marquees, scoreboards, and time/temperature signs.

Type G LED Light Bulbs: These bulbs are designed with a globe shape to distribute light output at a wide angle. There are various globe bulb sizes available that include G16.5, G25, G30, G40, and G50. If you're searching for a bulb that offers improved energy performance and doesn't need to be replaced for years to come, while providing an abundance of light, LED globe lights are the perfect solution.

Globe light bulbs are commonly used in bathroom vanities, chandeliers, foyer lighting, kitchen lighting, ornamental fixtures, and decorative string lights. We carry a large selection of sizes and colors of globe LED bulbs, including standard warm white and multi-color options.

MR LED Light Bulbs: MR, also known as multifaceted reflector, bulbs are designed to with built-in pressed glass reflectors, which allows them to direct light at a precise angle. Originally MR bulbs were used in slide projectors, and then they started being used in landscape lighting, recessed lighting, track lighting and other applications that required precise directional lighting. These MR light bulbs come in two different sizes that are referred to as MR11 and MR16.

MR halogen bulbs were and still are very popular. Even though they are small, they provide an intense amount of controlled light. However, with the evolution of LED technology, the halogen version of these bulbs are seen less often. MR LED light bulbs have many advantages over their halogen counterparts. They provide as good, if not better quality of light that is 4 times more efficient. Their lifespan is also significantly longer as well, and do they do not generate near the amount of heat.

PAR LED Light Bulbs: PAR, also known as parabolic aluminized reflector, bulbs are designed to illuminate a specific area. Typically, these bulbs are used for downlighting, floodlighting, and spotlighting in commercial and residential applications. You'll commonly see them used in landscape lights, recessed lights, and track lights. Due to their ability to properly highlight products, they are also used frequently in retail stores and art museums as well. PAR light bulbs come in four different sizes that are referred to as PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, and PAR38.

In the past, these areas typically utilized PAR halogen bulbs, which provided decent light at that period of time. However, they had extremely short lifespans and the heat they generated was almost unbearable. Now that PAR LED light bulbs have been introduced to the lighting market, you'll will save you money on electricity costs, because they require less wattage to operate while providing a better quality light output. They also last up-to 4 times as long as their halogen predecessor, which results in less replacements.

Determining the size of which bulb you need is easy. Simply divide the number after the word PAR by eight. Since we carry bulbs ranging from PAR16 to PAR38, you'll find bulbs starting at in 2-inches diameter all the way up to 4.75-inche in diameter. Depending on the atmosphere your trying to create, you can choose PAR LED bulbs in a low, warm white color temperature like 2700K, or something in bluish, white hue like 5000K.

LED Tube Light Bulbs: LED tube light bulbs are designed to replace your linear T5, T8, T10, and T12 fluorescents.

Type S LED Light Bulbs: S-shape bulbs, also commonly referred to as straight minature bulbs, have a bulged top that tapers to straight sides. There are four sizes of S-shape light bulbs available, S6, S8, S11, S14 and S19. The most common applications for type S LED light bulbs include automative, aviation, healthcare, manufacturing and commercial signs.

LED light bulbs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Keep in mind, if you're planning on using LED bulbs outside they need to have a damp or wet location UL rating, which means they will not be affected if bulb is exposed to water or moisture.

There are several factors you should consider before purchasing LED light bulbs. Below we'll go over what some of those factors are:

Equivalent Wattage - It's very important when comparing an LED bulb to a fluorescent, incandescent, or HID version to look at the equivalent wattage. This will give you an idea of how well the LED bulb will illuminate an area. For example, LED wattages are typically 1/4 or 1/5 of incandescent wattage.

Lumens - is a measurement of how much light the LED bulb will produce. For example, a 60-watt incandescent bulbs delivers approximately 800 lumens, whereas an LED version would be between 50-100 lumens of difference above or below. This will depend on how old the lamp is and its manufacturer.

Color Temperature - describes how the light output will actually look. For example, 2700K-3000K resembles the light output of an incandescent bulb (warm white), whereas higher temperatures like 5000K will deliver a light output that appears brighter (daylight).

When it comes to LED light bulbs, there are countless benefits that you'll receive. Below we'll go over what some of those benefits are:

• Lifespan is up to 20 times longer than some traditional lighting options
• Offers the lowest energy consumption of any other lighting option
• Higher quality of light than traditional lighting options
• Environmentally friendly, since no mercury is used, unlike fluorescent and CFL lamps


Here at Stars and Stripes Lighting, we pride ourselves on helping our customers find the best and most appropriate LED light bulbs that will best suit their needs. If your still unsure on which LED replacement bulbs you need for your application, let one of our lighting specialists help you today. We can provide you with additional information, so you'll get the best LED bulbs for your application. If you have additional questions about LED light bulbs feel free to reach out to one of our lighting experts, we're here to help.