LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are continuously evolving, from improvements in specifications such as lumen output or lower wattages to advanced dimming or life expectancy. All of this information that is available on LED bulbs can become confusing really quick. We will go over the important details about LED light bulbs and what you need to know before making your purchase.

Residential or commercial LED light bulbs can offer over 100,000 hours of consistent illumination, are environmental friendly, and the most important they have a greater cost savings over time than incandescent and their CFL equivalents.

At Stars and Stripes Lighting, we carry many different styles of LED light bulbs that are equipped with the latest technology, including the most popular LED general service bulbs that offer up to 40,000 hours of consistent illumination to commercial-grade LED bulb lights that are smarter alternatives than traditional T8 fluorescent tubes. LED bulbs produce less heat than compact fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs. This give your HVAC unit a break during the summer months since there is virtually no heat emitted by LEDs. LED bulbs originally only came in a cool blue tone but now they come in a variety of different color temperatures from 2700 kelvin warm white to 5000 kelvin daylight. LED light bulbs are not only energy efficient but they are very durable and environmentally friendly. LED bulbs also burn continuously at full brightness without color shifting or brightness reduction due to the age and amount of hours the lamps had burned.

LED light bulbs are also much more energy efficient than compact fluorescent lamps. LED bulbs require no warm-up time unlike compact fluorescent lamps which require a period of time before they reach full brightness. LED replacement bulbs are generally manufactured out of plastic instead of glass like compact fluorescent and incandescent lamps; thus making them much more durable. They can also product the same amount of light that is emitted from fluorescents while lasting longer and by using less energy in the process. LED bulbs are also mercury free and RoHS compliant; the same can not be said about fluorescent lamps.

Stars and Stripes Lighting will provide you with informed information concerning your application, to ensure you purchase the correct residential or commercial LED light bulbs with confidence. We carry a wide variety of LED bulbs that are compatible with most dimmers. We also can help guide you in making the right choice in color temperature for your new LED bulbs; including 2200 kelvin to 3000 kelvin being more like a traditional incandescent lamp or if you want a bright white light output you could go with a 5000 kelvin temperature or higher. Order today from Stars and Stripes Lighting, or if you have additional questions about buying LED light bulbs online, feel free to reach out to one of our customer service representatives.