LED High Bay and Low Bay Retrofit Kits

LED retrofit kits for high bays and low bays are intended to replace inefficient metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs commonly found in warehouses, gymnasiums, parking garages and big-box retail stores. LED high bay retrofit kits provide a longer rated life with more energy savings when compared to traditional HID bulbs. High bay and low bay retrofit lamps are super-easy to install, they screw-in the existing base with either a medium base (E26) or mogul base (E39/EX39) socket. Areas with low ceilings, can take advantage of LED low bay retrofit kits by replacing traditional metal halide canopy lights. Replace up to 400-watt metal halide bulbs with LED HID retrofit kits. There are three types of retrofits available, Type A retrofits are plug and play (ballast compatible), Type B retrofits are ballast bypass only, and Type C retrofits are ballast bypass with an external driver attached.