LED CFL Retrofit Lamps

Stars and Stripes Lighting's selection of LED CFL retrofit lamps offer an exceptional energy efficiency rating. We offer CFL LED retrofit light bulbs in a various configurations and color temperatures that have been designed for use in the most demanding commercial building applications. These CFL to LED retrofit lamps deliver uniform light output and provide up to 50% in energy savings when compared to traditional CFLs. Stars and Stripes Lighting's LED CFL retrofit lamps are suitable for various ceiling fixtures, recessed cans, and sconces found in commercial building applications.


LED CFL retrofit lamps are the perfect replacement solution for inefficient compact fluorescent lamps. They are more energy efficient and long lasting. These CFL retrofit lamps are available in plug-and-play, also referred to as ballast compatible or dependent, and direct wire, which means they operate off line voltage.

LED CFL retrofit lamps are rated to provide up-to 50,000-hours of continuous operation, which is more than four timer the expected lifespan of traditional compact fluorescent lamps.


LED CFL retrofit lamps are designed as a one-for-one replacement solution for existing compact fluorescent lamps. They provide a more a more efficient and long lasting alternative without sacrificing any light output.

LED CFL retrofit lamps are available in horizontal and vertical mount options. They also come in a wide range of tube configurations as well as various base types. Below are the different versions:

• 2-Pin Twin Tube: G23, GX23

• 2-Pin Triple Tube: GX24d-3

• 2-Pin Quad Tube: GX23-2, G24d-1, GX23-2, G24d-2, G24d-3

• 4-Pin PLL: 2G7, 2GX7, 2G11

• 4-Pin Triple Tube: GX24q-1, GX24q-2, GX24q-3, GX24q-4

• 4-Pin Quad Tube: G24q-1, G24q-2, G24q-3, G24q-4

LED CFL retrofit lamps can be used in a wide range of lighting applications such as ceiling fixtures, recessed cans, and wall sconces.

Here are some of the benefits provided by LED CFL retrofit lamps:

• Reduces energy consumption by 50% when compared to traditional CFL bulbs
• Longer useful life
• Ballast bypass and ballast compatible options available to simplify installation process
• Multiple color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
• Instant startup
• Frosted lens eliminates glare
• 50,000+ hour lifetime
• 5 year warranty


Here at Stars and Stripes Lighting, we pride ourselves on helping our customers find the best and most appropriate LED CFL retrofit lamps that will best suit their needs. If your still unsure on which LED replacement for CFL lamps you need for your application, let one of our lighting specialists help you today. We can provide you with additional information, so you'll get the best CFL LED bulbs for your application. If you have additional questions about LED CFL retrofit lamps feel free to reach out to one of our lighting experts, we're here to help.