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Learn More About Vapor Tight Fixtures

What are vapor tight fixtures?

Vapor tight fixtures are designed to withstand exposure to dust, humidity or water is an issue. There suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. These fixtures are built to provide powerful, efficient lighting in harsh environments. Thanks to their completely sealed and gasketed design, the light source is always protected from the outside elements such as non-combustible dusts, corrosive fumes, moisture, non-explosive vapors and gases. These lights are also protected against rust and corrosion as well, unlike conventional light fixtures.

Where are vapor tight fixtures used?

Vapor tight fixtures can be used to illuminate both indoor and outdoor applications that require a fixture with durability, long life and to be water- and/or dust resistant. They are also well protected against corrosion that could affect the quality of light being delivered. Some examples of where these fixtures are used include airports, parking garages, shopping centers, stairwells, refrigeration rooms, car washes and food service areas.

In the examples mentioned above, each location has its own unique challenge that can be addressed with the use of vapor tight fixtures:

  • Airports and shopping centers need light fixtures that are able to withstand extremely cold climates, dust and rain. They need to be able to provide illumination that is reliable and long-lasting to ensure the safety of pedestrians and works in the area.
  • Refrigeration and food service areas require light fixtures that can withstand cold and/or moisture. These fixtures also need to be able to regularly sprayed down for routine cleaning.
  • Car washes need lights that can withstand dirt, soap, heat and water.
  • Parking garages and stairwells require lights that can withstand dust and moisture.

What are the different types of vapor tight fixtures?

Vapor tight fixtures are available in three forms: linear, high bay and jar. Each offers the same great benefits against moisture, dust and vapors. Depending on the application of where they are being installed, there may be one type that will work better than the other.