Indoor Arena Lighting

More About Indoor Arena Lighting

With their efficiency, low maintenance and instant start-up in sub zero temperatures, LED High Bay Lights have become the most popular choice for indoor arenas. Shop our linear, tube high bays, round, and wet location high bays, or let us assist with your selection.

LED indoor arena lighting helps to address the most important requirements. LEDs come on instantly, so if you lose power or need to light your facility quickly, there is no warm up time. The color temperature provided is more of a natural looking white light, making it great for sports and easy on any animal's eyesight including horses. The light distribution provided is top-quality. Whichever LED style you choose, it will last significantly longer than other technologies. In the end, the light output will not be too bright and highly visible, improving the safety of an area to ride horses or play sports in.

Linear LED High Bays

Featuring a slim design, these high-lumen LED high bays are an affordable option that provides an abundance of light. They deliver up to 145 lumens per watt meeting DLC Premium qualifications. These linears are typically L70 rated to deliver over 50,000 hours of LED life. They are an ideal solution for warehouses, gymnasiums, large distribution centers or any area that needs bulk lighting.

LED Round High Bays

These round fixtures provide high LED efficiency, with an average lifespan of 100,000 hours, these round high bays provide powerful light year-after-year. The 125 Watt high bays deliver 16,000 lumens of daylight 5000 Kelvin white light, making them a perfect replacement for 400 watt metal halide high bays. Providing a uniform circular light distribution, these fixtures can be hung as high as 24 feet for the most efficient lighting. With their lightweight and compact design, this fixture can be used in any retail, gymnasium, warehouse, or industrial facility.

Tube High Bays

These fixtures provide tons of light without a large cost investment. The fixture can provide powerful light output at a low wattage, coupled with an LED tube that can be swapped out and replaced within minutes. These fixtures provide a solution that is versatile and easy for use in a variety of applications. These fixtures are built without a ballast and come pre-wired with non-shunted sockets for use with most LED T8 tubes available on the market.

Vapor Tights

Our LED Ready T8 vapor tight fixtures are ready for line voltage LED T8 tubes, making them ideal for the most extreme environments. Wire these fixtures to an occupancy sensor for added energy savings. These fixtures are easy to mount, requiring no holes to drill and fit a variety of lamp configurations. Hands down, the most ideal soluition for environments where water, dust and debris are present.