Hair Salon Lighting

Making sure that you choose the right LED lighting for a hair salon is extremely crucial. First you need to take in to effect the specific lighting requirements for your application. If you are renovating an existing salon or building a new, there are a couple of tips below that can really help you out.

Many customers like going to the salon because it gives them an amount of time they can relax and get away from their everyday fast paced lifestyle. So making sure that your fixtures and lamps do not generate a lot of heat is extremely important. Light fixtures that incorporate the use of incandescent and halogen lamps tend to give off a tremendous amount of heat, which creates a poor experience for both customers and workers. Go with fixtures where you can incorporate light bulbs with integrated LED. This is a great lighting solution because it will create a pleasant experience for all parties involved.

Having the right visibility from lighting in a hair salon is the most important factor to take into account. When considering the incorporation of LED technology into your new or existing hair salon, you need to choose a lamp or fixture with a high color rendering index (CRI). The higher color rendering rating will help to bring out the true colors of areas that are being illuminated. Whereas, a lower color rendering tends to leave areas washed out or present yellow color tones. Especially if your salon colors hair, the higher color rendering you have available, the better your finished product will look. The next thing to take into consideration the color temperature being given off by the LEDs. Whether you are installing fixtures or lamps, LEDs have a color temperatures that range from 2700K warm white to 5000K daylight. You do not want to choose something that is overbearing on either side of the spectrum, we recommend going with a fixture or lamp that has a soft white 3000K or neutral white 3500K color temperature, this will ensure that once your cut or color is completed, it will be seen in its truest form.

Making sure your hair salon has no shadows can be a little bit tricky but with the right lighting selection this can definitely be avoided. Many fixtures such as linear strips and recessed lighting can create shadow spots throughout the salon, thus creating an unpleasant experience. We recommend going with line voltage track lighting. This is a great choice for a variety of reasons, you can definitely ensure there are no shadows since the heads will be directional but you will also have the flexibility to add more heads if you determine you need them. Whereas with other fixture choices, you are pretty much stuck once they are installed.

In the end, it will be your final decision on the design and aesthetics your hair salon will have. We are here to help out if you get stuck on trying to decide on which product or lamp will best suit your application. One great thing we offer is free lighting layouts, this can help out a great deal and will help make sure your salon's lighting exceeds your expectations once its completed.