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Food Safety Lighting

Food Safety Lighting

More About NSF Certified LED Lighting

Making sure to avoid spoilage, bacterial growth and contamination are crucial concerns with food lighting. However, having high-quality lighting installed can help to eliminate these concerns. With the advancements in LED technology, food safety can be improved in a number of ways during its journey from the farm to the table.

Food safe LED lights can offer superior performance upgrades compared to traditional metal halide and fluorescent lights. LED lighting helps to reduce energy consumption by over 50 percent, while providing the necessary foot candles required during food preparation. LEDs last significantly longer, providing up to 100,000 hours in lamp life, virtually eliminating the constant maintenance that was required from other fixtures. Proper lighting goes beyond savings, brightness and longevity though, having an NSF certified LED lighting system installed helps to increase food safety with its high CRI (color rendering index), allowing employees to accurately spot mold, discoloration and other defects.

At Stars and Stripes Lighting, we realize it can be a task for a business owner to know which food safe LED lights they need and how many they should use. Our team is here to help relieve that stress, by offering free lighting layouts and extensive product knowledge, simplifying the process of shopping for food safety lighting.

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